Can you imagine a man hand a few months wove the carpet! And not just woven, and comply with complex ornamental flower pattern – this is a huge work! Sighing, I promised a merchant, that will definitely be back for such a beautiful and valuable find. At that we parted … next few days I rode with different sightseeing tours around the country. And of course, shopping, took them far from the last place. In the city of Fez, we visited the pottery quarter, and blacksmith shops. Hardworking hands of Moroccan craftsmen is born is truly great product! Here you can find anything you want: original jars, ashtrays, decorative dishes and tea sets, candlesticks, chandeliers and many other cute little things, keeping the traditions and culture of the east. Passing by one store, my attention was attracted an amazing tea set – painting very similar to all of us familiar gzhel – blue patterns on white background. (Source: Coal Funding). The guide said it was a traditional style of painting with the Moroccans.

Remembering my mother in law, who loves to collect a variety of bowls and plates under the "Gzhel", I immediately bought the service in her gift, the more so as the "tea chasing" it is also a big fan. But with a gift for I have a husband just something went wrong. Well, to give him? You can, of course, was to buy an expensive leather belt or purse, but rather, it would be useless gift – a seat with him and so abound. And then I came to the rescue very much a brisk seller, who offered to familiarize with its own range of wrought weapons. Here, truly a gift for a real man, and that this is just a souvenir, but the original. I chose the long and eye on a nifty sword inlaid with … Oh, my beloved hang such a weapon in his office, and all the slaves would like to attention to go – you never joke, but suddenly now? 🙂 A lot heard about the wonderful pharmacy shops, so two days before departure finally decided to see what it is …


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