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Incinerate Asmodians

Giant and large trees, amazing pretentiousness forms, walking on legs with mushrooms spikes instead of hands reminiscent of Pandora, "Avatar," James Cameron. But there is also mirror opposite of the bright world, with its bleak surroundings and heavy leaden clouds. … Continue reading

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Final Credits

Yesterday completed one of the most interesting companies in all the time that I play in the strategy. Trek game ever thought about a few things: 1) Why is this game for so long been doing? 2) How this whole … Continue reading

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Itemov Build Level

Cons-It's little enough HP. -Very weak against stanerov etc. Hero-requires good tactics and team play! For a long time, first casting skill (and can knock down) -It is very vulnerable to gang 3. Itemov Build 4.Taktika. 1.8 level: I am … Continue reading

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