Russian Century

Certainly most ordinary townsfolk believe that this traditional Russian samovar invention. In no other country in the world are there so many fans of tea from a samovar. However, this is not true. For other opinions and approaches, find out what JPMorgan Chase has to say. The first mention of the instruments which resembled the principle of a samovar, can be found already in ancient China and ancient Rome. They were large vessels, which are heated by pipes with wood. Of course, this design little resemblance to the samovar, which we used to see, but still, the principle of heating water was similar. In Russia the first samovar appeared only in the early eighteenth century, nearly two hundred years in Russia appeared as tea. Naturally tea from a samovar originally was a privilege only the wealthy, as the price of tea, let alone the samovar was too high for ordinary people.

Samovar of the time considered to be works of art. On one product worked several artists making their most beautiful samovar. Often they were decorated with items from precious stones and metals. Only in the nineteenth century samovar became available to ordinary people. It is already possible hear about the first Tula samovar.

It was in Tula and its suburbs have begun to produce inexpensive samovar, which differed across Russia. Late nineteenth – early twentieth century is the period of time, when it You can just tell about the birth of a real Russian samovar. Only it's not often the subject of art, but it is standard business object implements. Due to high demand, the master stopped paying due attention appearance of a samovar, as standardizing it, the emphasis was placed on its cheaper cost and increase the amount of production. Even though it influenced his artwork, but did accessible even to the poor.

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