Standardization ISO

So that this occurs, it is necessary to acquire knowledge the collaborators and its familiar ones so that they adopt measured and sustainable attitudes, that do not attack to the environment in the next generations. With this, the company who to bet in this idea, will have as ' ' recompensa' ' tax exemption per twenty years (2010, on-line). For the importers and exporters, the commercial benefits are innumerable. The Brazilian legislation stimulates the company who practises donations or promotes sponsorships. It has tax exemptions Municipal theatres, State and Federal.

the legal people who use this its favor, possess tax incentives of federal scope, that is, deduction of the income tax. 3,2 ISO. A SUSTAINABLE CONQUEST to get a certificate of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the company must before everything taking care of to some prerequisite ones. ISO 9001 takes care of to system SGQ (system of quality management) and ISO 14001 takes care of to system SGA (system of ambient management). the company must receive the heading if only present requirements characterize that it for such intitulamento.

The ISO does not characterize any company. The internal processes must be entirely adequate to the focus of the company (2011, on-line). With this, the company adept to the model, not only earns in quality, but yes in clientele. The customer analyzes well the company very of where she is buying. clearly, the preference is clear for that it takes care of to the biggest number of in such a way commercial requirements, how much social. For the company who wants to follow firm in its social responsibility, it must adopt the ISO 14001. Norm developed in 1993, for a Committee Technician, whom it aims at to improve the internal ambient performance of the company. It still foresees the continuous improvement in the system of quality management; ambient aspect; system of auditorship of ambient management; ambient politics and ambient goal (2011, on-line).


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