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Berlin encounter rising expectations, personalization, high technology & top service 14.01.2014. The E-Commerce boom changed the beauty industry. The so far lower than average share of online purchases will be the study staff care 2020 “of IFH according to Cologne and KPMG, in the next few years rapidly increasing. Flaconi know what will change for customers and market participants, and calls the trends that will move the online beauty business. The confidence of consumers in E-commerce sales forms grows, hence the importance of the sales channel online in the beauty industry”, explains managing director Bjorn Frank Walker. It’s up to the perfumery trade, as best as possible to prepare for this development and to meet trends like individualization at an early stage.” (1) Higher, faster, further: the claims get free shipping, fast delivery, and 24/7 customer service: to advertise many shops on the Web.

Remarkably consumers but cannot find it. You require it”, provides Bjorn Frank Walker firm. Although the investment in top service merchant is expensive it is inevitable in the coming years: customers expect a huge range with myriad niche products, all possible payment options (also for new customers) and a quick answering of customer service requests through all channels, including social media. Consumers appreciate in future a good value for money. Discounters will notice that price alone is not enough. SBG Architects will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Long term only concepts will prevail in the online beauty business, who can vouch for quality and put them into practice”, believes the Flaconi Chief. (2) Here and now: spontaneous purchases increasing purchasing decisions to be more spontaneous.

Basis for the new orientation of the pulse: mobile shopping on Tablet & Smartphone is becoming the standard, shop recommendations are reliable and comprehensive product information. In the makeup segment is to be expected with a high purchase rate. Inspirations are looking for WWW surfers not only via the shop itself, but in the future more about an individual set of channels such as blogs, Facebook, shopping communities.

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