Multilingual User Interface

– Multilingual User Interface (MUI) add-on – support for changes in various languages to users. In order to tighten control of compulsory licensing system integrated into it controls the hardware configuration the user. According to this configuration, after updating the system unit is often there is a need to reinstall the system. If you have specifics of the frequent changes in the configuration, xp, you may not be suitable. This should be checked for each individual case.

Minimum Requirements cpu with frequency of 233 MHz 64 mb ram 1.5 gb of free disk space svga video adapter and monitor CD-ROM drive or dvd Windows Vista. Windows Vista (Win nt 6) presented to the public in 2007. Characterized by increased system requirements, designed for powerful multi-core machines memory of 4 gb. with full hardware support DrxX card, even the lowest price category, with the latest drivers. On laptops and on machines with processors such as tseleronov and sempronov Vista fully itself does not show, will operate satisfactorily only in a restricted mode.

Therefore, it does not take many. DrxX advantage in handling graphics without the involvement of the central processor, only within the card, if it hardware supports this feature. If not, or set Drx, below the X th, the cpu will participate in the processing of the output and acceleration of graphic scenes and the achievement of Vista, the Aero graphical shell, all the time will be slow down your system. Technologies that limit the participation of the cpu, at one time were used in chipsets for motherboards brands nForce, Corporation nvidia, released just in time, and so successfully combines conjunction with the processor amd Atlon xp 2500 + (Barton), that it was relevant as much to the appearance of structures with two-core processors and sata interfaces 2.


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