Growth Personal

it passes for difficulty in the personal and professional scope. AUTO ESTIMAParcialmente satisfeitas* Respect mtuo* Credibility for * Consideration taken of decisions. * Comprometimento* Chances of Growth and Initiative. LOVE – RELACIONAMENTOSatisfeitas* Complicity, * Confraternizar so that * Fellowship, exists bows more * Devotion, straits, making with * Importance with what the daily work is development of the colega.mais satisfactory.

Former: Almoo and Happy Hour. SEGURANAParcialmente satisfeitas* adjusted Wage to allow to payment of rent and others obrigaes.* odontolgico Plan, * Payment of the wages in day, * Plan of health. * Accord with Facultieses. FISIOLGICASSatisfeitas* adjusted Wage to take care of basic necessities, * Labor Gymnastics. * Vacation of 30 days to each year, * Monthly basic basket. Picture: Necessities Source: Elaborated for the author the information above they present that the necessities of personal accomplishment, auto-esteem, relationship, security and physiological, that if taken care of can influence in the motivacional process of each employee. As the information of the picture, the employees find that the necessities of personal accomplishment, relationship, and physiological are taken care of and can be classified as satisfied.

How much to the necessities of auto-they esteem and security, the same ones are classified by the collaborators as if they took care of partially its necessities. How much to the attractive ones perceived and the chances that had been identified, can be seen as positive factors for the employees contributing and influencing in the motivation so that they remain offering services of quality in the company. These gotten data present that exactly with some necessities partially taken care of the employees they can be happy inside of the organization, acting in way with that they can get personal and professional growth positively collaborating for the organization.


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