There may come a time you choose to sit on a log beside the road dry. It is not easy to walk without taking a break. You take your time to prepare new forces for the march. However, sometimes it's time to return to the task and do not see sufficient motivation to do so. If you are someone with dreams in this life, things for which to fight is the worst that could happen.

Because you need to improve yourself, prepare, have new resources. More than one major project waiting for you, you are aware that they can not expect more for you than what you've waited for them. But there you are, overwhelmed, tired, without Poderte answer the question of why get your hands on your lap and rejoin. We all have a moment. Most dreams are not frustrated because the plans fail, but because it fails the enthusiasm to fight for them until the end.

I see around us your feelings of inferiority. They come with ideas that may not be possible what you are thinking of at first. That smile and that faith you had in those days become blurred. You know that others have made but now you start to feel like you're less than them. And mentally go over your deficiencies for an explanation or rather an excuse not to continue fighting. But hey it well: NO-PUE-DES-PER-MI-TE-TR-LO. We must continue now. And the way you're going to do, the application you're using are your own feelings of inferiority. Well they are not necessarily enemies. But come on! Feelings of inferiority are the curse of many people, you mean. How are we going to come now that they are as they're going to get out of this hole. Well, as I tell you. The worst advice in the world (or one of them) is to lay a hand on his shoulder to someone and say, "Do not think about your problems." Feelings of inferiority can become stormy, it's true. There are studies showing that consume a great deal of mental energy in those who suffer. But it is true that there is evidence in favor of considering that the problem is not really the feeling of inferiority. It's what the person using it. O for say exactly, is against what the person using it. Do you use it against yourself? Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest geniuses of all time, believed that most of his works did not have enough quality. More than one box left unfinished and many drawings did not arrive until today. Each new project he undertook was also an obsessive attempt to fight this great feeling of dissatisfaction. His belief of not having much less a valuable result made him a tireless search for perfection. In that view as critical of his work, had one of its most important secrets for their energy. And she succeeded with its exquisite culture, the brightest part of his extraordinary art. As such you have a choice to make. Or use your failures and your insecurities just to discourage you. Or use your disagreements as the strongest reason to make you better. They are like the propellant that drives the space shuttle. Slow but can carry a heavy load of powerful dreams of the sky. If you are a shy person, make sure you read the following book: NOTE: If you are interested in getting FREE click on the title now.


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