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We'll discuss one of the most romantic country of Italy. Not so important exactly where you decide to go, whether Sicily vacation or Venice, or Naples. Throughout Italy, there are some rules and unwritten laws, knowing which can save a lot on vacation without compromising quality. Thus, we can properly save on purchases. First, during the seasonal sales. Here, a priori, the prices are thrown off sometimes as much as 70%.

The second item is a system of Tax Free – tax refund on goods bought are not residents of the European Community (ie us) that they take out in his luggage. On this you can save 15% of the value of all goods. How it works: choosing the store, look for the icon 'TAX FREE' – This means that the store draws checks Tax Free, which you will be issued within 15% of the amount spent in this store. If this does not, ask the seller about the possibility of the purchase, Tax Free. Although as a rule, this icon trying to hang on the most prominent place in order to attract customers).

When you pay must present their passport and ask the seller to issue a check Tax Free with a description of purchase, as well as specify the amount to be refunded (The tax net of fees). Without it, you no one will not return, so be careful. Next cherished check store as apple of the eye together with the financial receipt issued at the box office store. However, there one very important point which usually do not say: in order to "earn" a discount of 15 percent is not enough to buy a pair of , one of the main conditions for registration of Tax Free – is buying goods in one store, in an amount not less than 176 Heb! Therefore, weigh the pros and cons and see, whether you will be profitable to buy all those things on that amount, or easier to buy something else in a nearby shop, spending 3 times less. You decide. "Return" of the notorious 15% not be provided at the store, and when leaving the eu. To do this, to show the check to the Tax Free customs or border point with acquired and used goods. (Therefore, another important fad-bought goods should stay with you during the flight-NOT in their baggage sdavayt!) Ask the customs officer to stamp the exportation of goods on the checks Tax Free. Later, the check Tax Free will need to show together with cash a check at any store item labeled 'Tax Free cash Refund' (which means the return of cash Tax Free). For information: in many airports, these items are in Duty Free shops or close to them – you can ask. And there you finally will be given a long-awaited 15% of the purchase. Enjoy your shopping!


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