Stephen Stemkos

He was stable throughout the season and was one of the players, "Carolina" with a positive plus-minus. " 7. Matt Duchene, central forward, Colorado Avalanche in the second player to 21 years was selected as number three in the nba Draft last season. Nineteen Duchesne leader among all rookies nhl in goals and points, and it seems that he follows in the footsteps of Stephen Stemkosa in its development. 6. Tyler Myers, a lawyer, "Buffalo" Myers is leading the race for "Calder Trophy" because he is strong both in attack and in defense, which is very rare among the newcomers defenders. Duchesne has only higher scores among the newcomers.

Twenty-Myers became a better defender at Buffalo, leading his team in the amount of time spent on the site, and ahead of teammate -Defender points more than twice. 5. Jordan Staal, center forward, "Pittsburgh" star-level increases with the transition to the fifth place, which occupies dvadtsatiodnoletny Stanley Cup winner Jordan Staal. He – the player with developing offensive abilities, and that's very important leadership qualities. 4. Stephen Stemkos, center forward, "Tampa Bay" hard to believe that a candidate for "Maurice Richard Trophy takes place only 4, but drafted first in 2008 dvadtsatiodnoletny Stemkos should become a little more universal and versatile, before rising in the list. He's already almost there Maybe next year? 3.

Patrick Kane, right forward, "Chicago" American Olympian and one of the rising stars of "Chicago" – dvadtsatiodnoletny Kane leads the list of scorers of his team with a solid margin, he is also one of the most dynamic players in the hockey. 2. Jonathan Teyvz, center forward, "Chicago" Dvadtsatiodnoletny Teyvz was named the best forward the Olympic Games, and already is the captain of the nhl club for which he serves. Concussion cost him 6 games in October and November, as well as good form. But he's "Mr. All in Chicago: playing in the minority, takes care of the opponent's best players, playing in the most and is the best face-off specialist in his team. 1. Drew Doughty, defender, "Los Angeles" When the players are so good, the allocation should go into the minutest details. And in this case, we decided that to find a dominant defender like twenty player Olympic Team Canada harder than finding a dominant power forward. So, Doughty beats Teyvzom but hardly on a lot.


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