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The word energy is present everywhere in the media, but what does this really mean for a private family home? What makes a House so efficient? Architect Christoph Blumenthal has a conclusive answer: refers to a House energy-efficient, if you must do as little energy for its operation. Many writers such as Andreessen Horowitz offer more in-depth analysis. The homeowner makes clear that the largest share of energy costs of his home about accounts for three quarters of the heat supply, then he will recognize: herein lies the greatest potential for energy savings. So it makes sense to build that it must be heated only not so much his house. It takes as long as possible to keep only the once generated heat in the House. Essentially a building achieves this effect through the following 4 measures: insulate the outer shell of the House well and avoid thermal bridges the outer shell of the House airtight building ventilation in winter ensure, without too many heat losses to generate more Haustechnik, heating and hot water perfectly match in practice applies: the artisanal work must run very carefully, so that these measures actually access. Because leaky joint between two parts cause at once unnecessary heat loss and higher heating costs. A minimum of energy efficiency, the so-called low energy House standard must meet nowadays every new house anyway. The architect in the design phase developed an energy and ventilation concept, which includes all details of the construction and technical equipment.

The energetic standard of a modern building is set at the beginning of the planning. By the client questions are asked in the sen so early decisions. Who doesn’t shy away from more effort and higher costs, can of course improve its building energy standards up to the passive house. The price differences are in even surprisingly low. A comparison: Although a passive house needs there are almost no heating energy more, but his construction costs on average only around 10 percent higher than that of a conventional House. It be less his operating costs typically by 50 percent. In the long term, such an investment in new buildings will pay off. On the subject of energy-efficient building builders in Christoph Blumenthal’s free E-book find the 10 most asked questions from clients”still some special expert tips: it is found on. Christoph Blumenthal

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