It wants to carry through the maximum possible of its capacities and always it looks a new situation later that it reached the one that it desired. As Solomon (2002, P. 23), to know the characteristics of the consumer ' ' it extremely plays an important role in many applications of marketing, such as the definition of market for a product or option for appropriate techniques for use with one determined group of consumidores' '. For the author, the behavior of the consumer can assume many forms, since a child wanting determined biscuit or a great executive wanting to buy a luxury car. The behavior of the consumer also suffers great budgetary influence, therefore nor all the goods and services are accessible to everybody. The question is the company who to obtain to react more quickly in the questions of adequacy, creation and diversification of products for the consumer, will have with certainty a great advantage on its competitors.

2.8 Main influences in the Behavior of the Consumer For Kotler; Armstrong (1993), consumer can suffer some types of influences in the hour to buy a product such as cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. These facts cannot be controlled, but they must be considered very important in the hour to develop a product for the consumer. 2.8.1 Cultural factors the cultural factors are one of the first factors that can determine the form to think of an individual. Growing in one determined society the individual goes acquiring values, having perceptions, preferences and creating reflected behaviors of this social environment. It is in the conviviality with the people who it goes throughout the years to define its personality (KOTLER, 1993). For the authors almost all the society has some classrooms that can be delimited by the income, education, wealth and etc. Each classroom can present distinct preferences and conditions on some products and marks as clothes, nourishing furniture, leisure, products and etc.


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