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About positive reprogramming you will learn below, and we still consider the other 'small stuff'. # True to choose solutions from multiple options as you need such a trifle? What if the information for decision-making is not enough and additional information is impossible? This can apply to produce a mailing to the choice of a partner from a few to joint business, and the advertising company through the various people who may initially offer the same conditions. Terms of something similar, but the result may differ at times! Remember in the movie 'With a light steam ' scene at the airport? 'We do not rely on chance, let's think logically ' It turns out that every person in such situations, the choice is very reliable assistant. And most important, that this is absolutely Assistant incorruptible, and his advice is to trust in the most complex and unpredictable situations. And the name of the assistant – your subconscious. Sin, having a helper, do not follow his advice in the most difficult moment. Until you read how right to receive answers from your subconscious, and we proceed to consider the following 'small stuff' # How to quickly get down to work? Familiar to you such a trifle as the complete absence of the right thoughts in my head and at the most inopportune moment? Imagine that you need to write an article in the new issue of your mailing list, or you need to write the text for a description of your site with new training course.

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