Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your attimino and earned income, a concept that you need to know and keep in mind for better business planning. For many people come to have a fortune or wealth with your business find it very difficult since the first thing they do is ask for an increase in the salary they receive every month, instead of wondering how to produce more and to serve more and more people every time. When we started to work and put our efforts to achieve a simple increase, we are wasting time and effort since we are pursuing the kind of money equivodado, i.e.: earned income.To be successful with our attimino we must go beyond the obvious. Earned income could be also called bad income since it is assumed that not we should work for it, but we should find good income and work for it in a business or attimino. Keep reading and find out what I am talking about. In other words, I am referring to work less to win an a bad income and focus fully or half-time (if you can not for now) in earn a good income, that will make a big difference in your financial future and your business. For greater understanding will put it this way: earned income: is the income that we receive when we work for money.

It is the income that comes in the form of a salary, or payment mensual-quincenal – weekly-etc or also in the form of an increase, Commission, bonus and the like. Income from portfolio: the portfolio income is generally income of paper assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Income passive: Passive income is generally income than of real estate or product of royalties, copyright-patents and intellectual property. In my next post I will talk about is the best income by which you should strive to achieve.


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