For Sale

Ask someone to Retie for you! Hang the fenders over the side. Have someone reposition them! So after several weekends of unsuccessful attempts, took the decision to buy our own boat sooner rather than later on which could tie our own brand of knot and observe the channel markers the way they were taught! So we started looking. What happened to all the "For Sale" signs that had seen only weeks before in every port you sailed before? Where were all perfect boats he had seen in every cove and tied to each spring? They were not where you are. Finally, after reading the yachting magazines and journals, talking to several boat brokers and searching many internet boats for sale sites, we have found what they believed to be the perfect boat for us – right in our own backyard. Only five minutes from our house is a marina with a large number of motor boats. Last year there were many for sale.

But as luck would have, we are looking for then. This year, there were fewer boats for sale. But this particular morning as we passed the parking lot of the marina, who spied the perfect boat. We jumped the car and came to look more closely. The ship had been pulled from the water, so they were able to look over all sides including the bottom. The information that was posted beside the boat looked very promising. Just the right length. The appropriate age.

We had agreed that this boat which was of good quality. An inflatable boat with motor and electric lifting system was also included Seawise. The ship also had a GPS and all the trimmings. But the price could be right? It seemed a little low for this particular yacht. You guessed it! The twin engine system was gas, not diesel. This was the reason for the excellent price. We thought we had found the perfect boat! In fact we had except for a very expensive item. For those of you who own your own boat, you can related to the cost of a gas engine yacht. Gas engines are fast and great for skiing and lake touring in small boats, but in the ocean and a large yacht, the cost may be prohibitive. (Note: Prices Recently diesel prices and gas have come.) So, once again, the search begins in earnest. And once again, no boats for sale. Or is that just our take on the situation? No doubt the boat for us out there just waiting to be discovered! Valerie Giles owns and operates ships, anchors and more a resource site by boat charter boat, manufacturers of attracting new and used boats, fishing, outerwear, thermal underwear and sunglasses. Everything you need for the sailing season.


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