Casual Clothes For Men

Clothes to go to work, especially in what refers to offices, business transactions, has changed quite a time to this part. It is a fact that no longer requirement use jacket and tie to be elegant. There are many options and combinations, be accompanied by appropriate accessories you can take while staying stylish. An expression there is in English, textually business casual, which we can translate into Spanish by saying something as Executive but casual. But it is worth having clear in which parameters of framed this style, not to fall into errors and above all to preserve the good taste. For example, there are ways to dress up a costume without appearing that you are going to a wedding. How to achieve this? The trick is to qualify the costume wearing a little blue below, for example, indigo, beige, or even purple.

This revives the costume color and adds a personal touch. As for shirts, the concept base is that while less conspicuous, best. You opt for a smooth shirt, but if they don’t like you, I suggest you try with scratches. For the more cold days, jackets and divers it is, I recommend you have in your wardrobe a bleizer or blue cloth jacket. With this, ten the certainty that you will always be well dressed either for the days of jacket and tie or for those that it is informal. Keep discretion and elegance, having your garments spotless. You could have the best designer clothes but impact would be terrible, if you use it stained or frayed. Monitors these details, you believe me: women not never forgives it. Source. as dress jeans jeans are so popular now that you can find them on all sides, are basic for casual style as it is a formal attire, but must take into account the following: do not use tie with a pair of jeans! To make your jeans the perfect garment, you should include a good range of tones, you can combine a few classic jeans in dark blue with a dress shirt and a sport coat color clear.


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