Professional Interpreters

I, like you might have guessed, talking about provided comprising representatives of the firm services of a professional interpreter (emphasis mine specifically) and high travel. And here the domestic employers really worth a lot to learn from foreigners. If the operation makes to know the language of sovershenistve, the salary of such a specialist is not worth asking. In Russia, so believe in the word, do not value and appreciate not soon learn. As for the language proficiency of foreign professionals polls well, I do not know where it has become a tradition. Perhaps fear has big eyes. The second myth, domestic summarize the above: if you want to succeed – teach English. Sometimes this myth takes the form of something like "without foreign now nowhere." I liked it, I do not remember who uttered: "valued not the one who knows anymore, but he who knows best." Build a learning process is based on this principle.

Immense you still can not horror shall cover. Become an expert in the an area that attracts you. Love the profession, the case that like it – the key to success, and therefore you will appreciate, and do not even doubt it. Details please know a foreign – feel free to write in the column "speak fluently". Need a certificate – Well, as you would like to work here. Then, before the interview, repeat the words, learn a few phrases, take a couple of days on the tongue.

Interview – it's like a regular exam, which you will endure, no more. And if you are on the threshold meets a professional linguist, and you have not stood the test, do not worry – well, that you have not settled on this place. Here we need people, robots, to which the corresponding ratio. And if the average wage In general, you're lucky, you will save your nerves and you have everything ahead. Start your search again, and already at the new location will realize that value in a person the ability to do what only he can perform. Everything Else – appendage, which can, and sometimes you need to learn.


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