A Newcomer To The Parade Of The Feria De Las Flores

A newcomer to THE RIDE OF THE EXHIBITION OF FLOWERS Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena. About a year ago, a good friend convinced me to join him and his group, every Thursday afternoon at the parade that started from a stable of Sabaneta and ran for some rural areas of these and other municipalities in southern Aburra Valley. At first I did it for something of curiosity and not without a certain snobbery and fear has been attending the extreme urban and city dwellers from earliest childhood. It was a group of professionals, retirees most, they got out of his routine the space to be in a group of single men, initially with their wives to prevention of dangerous smell circulating estrogens in all activities of their spouses and then a drowsy resignation of them, as when they activate the chip in football or in business or politics that almost all males are inserted into their DNA.

The first days were amazing. Pleasant conversation, hilarious sketches, music and runs to taste, without fanfare, liquor in the right dose, pre-exquisite, atmosphere, color in nature, ecological trails, zero display, claiming the word and enjoy the simple things in life. I was very busy for a while and could not wait to arrive on Thursday to speak with my buddies, so relax and forget both obligation and stress of everyday life. What nice people could be seen as honest, decent, dignified and polite as they were. For professional matters I departed a few weeks of the city and I learned that back in next weekend would be the ride of the famous Feria de las Flores.


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