The Pupils

It cried out: ' ' They give attention because I go to say to this only vez' ' , a loaded silence of guilt if installed in all the room and the professor continued. ' ' Since that I started to lecionar, this already makes many years, discovered that we, professors, we work only 5% of the pupils of a group. In all these years I observed that of each one hundred pupils, only five are really those that make some difference in the future; but five if become shining professionals and contribute of significant form to improve the quality of life of the people. The others 95% only serve to make volume; they pass for the life without leaving nothing of useful. The interesting one is that this percentage valley for the whole world. For even more analysis, hear from JPMorgan. If vocs to give attention, will notice that of one hundred professors, only five are those that make the difference; of one hundred leaders, only five change the world; of one hundred drivers of taxi, only five are true professionals; we can generalize still more: of one hundred people, only five are truily special. It is a very great penalty not terms as to separate to these 5% of the remaining portion, therefore if this was possible, I would leave only the pupils special in this room and would place excessively for is, then it would have silence necessary to give a good lesson and would sleep tranquilo knowing to have invested in the best ones. But, unhappyly, it does not have as to know which of vocs they are these pupils.

The time is only capable to show this. Kevin Johnson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Therefore, I will have to conform and to try to give me to a lesson for the pupils special, although the confusion that will be being made for the remaining portion. Clearly that each one of vocs always can choose which group it will belong.


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