American Christopher Poole

17/08/2011 13h54 – Brought up to date in 17/08/2011 16h03 Godfather of memes says that culture of the Internet goes to dominate ' mainstream' Christopher Poole, creator of frum 4chan, participates of the YouPix, in SP. To the G1, it defends the right to the anonymity in web and criticizes English government. Leopoldo Godoy Of the G1, in So Paulo to print Christopher Poole, ' moot' , creator of 4chan: patron of the culture of the Internet (Photo: Spreading) the culture that was born for the Internet already became ' ' mainstream' ' shows signals of that it goes to dominate the other ways. If the appositive one if to become reality, it will make of its author a patron of the world contemporary. The American Christopher Poole, more known as ' ' moot' ' , 4chan, that the G1 already classified, in 2008 is the creator of frum, as ' ' ' ground zero' of the useless culture of the Internet ocidental' '. Poole, 24 years, came to Brazil to participate of the festival of digital culture YouPix, that starts in this Wednesday (17) in the Bilge of the Arts, the Ibirapuera, in So Paulo, and talked with the G1. In the thursday, it will speak on as to create and to keep an active community. ' ' I do not consider an influential person, but 4chan certainly ' ' , he affirms Poole. The site, an almost chaotic set of communities where good part of the participants if identifies as ' ' annimo' ' , it was created it has 8 years and it is the cradle of good part of the calls memes of the Internet. The term is used to assign phrases, images, videos and jokes that if spread quickly for net, joining ones to the others and suffering mutations to adapt the different contexts.


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