Work Environment

Jarbas Barreto de Melo Odilon Path of Almeida Grandson SUMMARY In all part of the world, companies and employees take conscience of that she is necessary to have more quality, eliminating wastefulnesses and improving the work environment. This awareness is before any thing a form to think different regarding the quality. In this new scene companies and organizations, instead of concentrating itself only in the product quality, they also enclose the quality of the efforts of the individuals in its departments. The objective of this work was to diagnosis the level of the quality in the environment of work of the STTRANS in the perception of its employees. The study a universe of ten servers was carried through in the internal scope of the organization, involving.

For application of the research a questionnaire was used contends seven questions, all referring ones to the questions of the quality in the work environment. The gotten results had demonstrated that the majority of the interviewed ones agreed possesss conscience on the questions of quality of life in work environment, thus implying, in the shown positive results in the pointers of the research. However, referring strategical actions to the quality in the internal environment will have to be implanted, for attainment of the results most satisfactory in the sectors, raising themselves thus the quality in the work environment, of the offered goods and services. Words key: Quality of Life. Company of Services. Environment of Work.


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