Using Video As A Business Tool More

Using video as a business tool There are many reasons why today is necessary to use video as a business tool. If we talk about figures YouTube has 12% of all traffic on the Internet. More than 12 billion videos were watched online each month. 3 out of every four Internet users watching videos on the Internet. Over 50% of current Internet traffic is video. . The average time a visitor on YouTube is 27 minutes. Since videos are not only ridiculous, absurd or meaningless as in the beginning, but already is being used for purposes of training, business promotion both within and outside the Web.

AMay A popular saying says a picture is worth a 1000 words!, Carrying a video that phrase would be worth a million words. What is the purpose of pursuing any enterprise, Web, blog on the Internet? The answer is simple: the main purpose is to capture the attention of visitors. And there is no better way to do this than with video. Statistically multiply by 4 the video time that the visitor stays on a website. Exponentially accelerates the process of building trust. Generates trust a voice, a face that a written text Help organic positioning in search engines and in particular, are indexed on Google and much faster results that contain videos. If used strategically videos in sales letters, the result can be increased between 20 and 30%. Low Cost: The cost is no longer an excuse for not working with video, does not require an equipment costs, or large production knowledge for carrying out video for the Web.


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