TM Forum Management World Americas

Powerful alliance to deliver competitive solution advantages for leading CSPs Paderborn, Germany, November 8 2011: Orga systems, the #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, and ConceptWave, the recognized leader of catalog driven order management solutions, announce their strategic partnership. Increasing the numbers of connections and complex product offerings, in real time, while achieving crucial value based KPIs such as bill accuracy and customer centricity, characterizes the business of CSPs around the globe. ConceptWave, with its clear focus on customer, product and order lifecycle management and orga systems, leading the field of real time rating and charging for almost two decades, now partner to deliver on integrated and comprehensive, offering to overcome challenges next generation. Created to accelerate strategic alliances and partnerships are part of orga systems’ go-to-market strategy. Orga systems of revitalisierungs its partners in repealed to strict standards and guarantees sustained win-win relationships all in the interests of customers. At the TM Forum Management World Americas in Orlando, Ramez Younan, CEO Orga systems,. and Zachariah Rana, President and CEO of ConceptWave announced their strategic partnership.

“ORGA Systems products and services are designed for living in a real-time connected world. In the past year, we extended our support breadth beyond telecommunication to reach financial services, energy and telematic suppliers, who are moving rapidly towards real time M2M connectivity to enhance their customer intimacy. We are now extending our product offerings portfolio depth to enhance our customer experience. The decision to partner with ConceptWave’s world-class catalog-driven order management technology fits perfectly and seamlessly to our world-class real-time billing portfolio and takes our customer order orchestration to the next level”, explains ORGA Systems’ CEO Ramez Younan. Benefiting from real time solutions worldwide, CSPs of all sizes use ConceptWave’s for end-to-end customer, product and order management solutions. “Real time will continue to be one of the most important business drivers for CSPs, ConceptWave is excited to be part of integrated, best-of-breed, real time billing and customer care solution, which current and future customers” “want to guess as to agile and compelling single source advantage”, says Zachariah Rana, President and CEO of ConceptWave.


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