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The latest press release from project work Hamburg, March 22, 2011. The economic crisis had a major impact on the German engineers. Investments have been put on hold, posts have been deleted. After the consolidation of the market, however, these investments are made now, what creates new demand for experts according to the Association of German engineers (VDI) there is currently twice as many vacancies for machine builders and engineers such as in the previous year. This applies in particular to car manufacturers of machinery and electrical engineers. The German machine – and plant construction increased 2010 its production to 8.8%, explains Thomas Lindner from the Association of German machine and plant engineering (VDMA) in Frankfurt am Main. The good performance of in Germany is reflected also in the employment development of our industry.” Thus arises a skills shortage, which must be balanced in order not to endanger the upswing.

The shortage is worsening in the future more and more on the situation affect freelance experts. The high level of specialisation and flexibility of the freelancers are factors that businesses currently need. Also come into play here the new technologies such as renewable energy grade freelancers have the incentive to keep constantly up to date. And that’s a big plus for the company”, as project work – Managing Director Dr. Christiane road.

As in the last month, we have created also for the February industry monitors, providing a current overview of offered and required skills on the project markets of IT industry, consulting and engineering. For the first time, you will also receive an overview of the project situation in the creative industries. In the consulting industry, sought-after skills are after the crisis training and process optimization. The theme dominates in the creative field and in the IT environment we deal so, how freelancers from the shortage can benefit. The simplest project market on the Web is about project work project work. With eleven years of expertise connects freelancers and companies project work and all participants of the flexible labour market provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as for the marketing of own services. An innovative matching technology was developed that is used on the new platforms it.projektwerk.

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