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Factoring Has A Positive Impact On The Balance Sheet And The Equity Ratio

Factoring positive brings the balance in the roles. More and more, more and more companies have to fight for growth loans and refinancing options. The company credits are denied through the inhibition of the decision by banks, either or must … Continue reading

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Private Health Insurance

Welceh has benefits because private health insurance is the car with the Germans actually still popular or rather unpopular? What advantages does a private health insurance? A big advantage is of course that gets a date usually faster and faster … Continue reading

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A Loan Comparison Is Always Useful

Loans previously objectively compare saves trouble and money! Taking a loan, the borrower enters liabilities towards the Bank, so that prior to the conclusion of the contract a loan comparison makes sense. This can the conditions of different providers are … Continue reading

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Weather Damage Through Hail Storm Or Flood: What Should Be Done?

Storms come not seldom unexpectedly. Cars, Windows and roofs to be affected. After the first shock, the question quickly arises: will the insurance pay? Storm weather damage hail storm or flood: what should be done? Storms come not seldom unexpectedly. … Continue reading

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Kredithelfer24 Published

New layout and new structure simplify credit search for individuals the new portal Kredithelfer24.de offers people who are looking for a credit to find a simple and quick way from 11 different credit providers the appropriate. In addition to a … Continue reading

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Euro Health

Exact contribution burden in 2009 not foreseeable views the contribution decision of the statutory health insurance is voluntarily insured in the coming year as a handle in the purse occur: because they are disproportionately burdened by health-care reform and must … Continue reading

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Experts See No More ECB Rate Hike

How goes it on with interest rate movements in Europe? Investors of still higher interest rates may forward or face with a load on borrowers? A few weeks ago was the base rate of the European Central Bank (short: ECB) … Continue reading

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Deposit Account In Comparison

In comparison – what factors are deposit accounts important? Deposit account – for those who want to buy securities of any kind, manage or sell, need a deposit account. The securities can be, for example, stocks, funds, or certificates. Securities … Continue reading

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Fixed-term Deposits As A Last Alternative?

The current interest rates for at least two years can be secured with deposit. The times for fixed-income investments, are slim. The inflation rate has now already repeatedly exceeded the three percent and the federal funds interest rate moves in … Continue reading

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