Spam Celebrates 30 Anniversary

Anti-spammer agree to the winner of Maastricht, may 5, 2008 spam celebrates”thirty-year-old existence. Since all first message sent over the ARPANET, little has changed. (Translated from English): “we load them to the 2020 to see and a lecture about the DECSYSTEM-20 FAMILY at two product presentations, which we IN California this month hold be, listen” in 1978 recognized the American Gary Thuerk, marketing employees from DEC, that email is a simple, but mostly inexpensive method, a large number of people in one fell swoop to reach. Thanks to the large number of complaints on this advertising message and the rather small number of email SPAM remained a negligible problem users, but until 1990. But then, this year marked the beginning of the struggle between spammers and anti-spam companies and legislators. Until 1998, spam was recognized as general term to give a name to unwanted electronic advertising. The term comes from a monthy Python sketch of 1970, in which the Pointe is is that, to the annoyance of a Cafe visitor, SPAM meat in each of the dishes of the menu included (SPAM is spam from the United States a brand).

It is still allowed to send each other unsolicited advertising email to businesses. The biggest nuisance however stems from the mails whose Absender are not ascertainable. Because this illegal spam effectively by legal means to fight is an industry of fight has evolved to the phenomenon of SPAM. Spammers fight a bitter war at a technical level with companies, who have devoted themselves to the fight. The Dutch company of SpamExperts explains: earlier SPAM consisted primarily of plain text. This changed quickly to komplizierterem text and text combined with images. After that, the images SPAM complicated and finally, spammers resorted to other file formats; all with the goal to bypass spam filtering! “.” Although there seems no end in sight in this arms race. …

the biggest annoyances can be solved now by commercial, technically complex filter”according to SpamExperte Van Donselaar. Even though analysts predicted in 2007 that all kinds of new forms of SPAM would appear on the market, seems to be not the case. Spammers want to even also not harder make it as necessary. SPAM from plain text and images is to send the easiest and most cost effective method of SPAM’ so Van Donselaar. Can we expect a world without SPAM so soon? “On the EU spam symposium presented the ex-spammers spammer-X” his book about spam practices: as long there will be people buy products from spam, it will give also people who send these messages. ” Spammers earn money through the mass of sent messages, but only if is actually purchased. About SpamExperts SpamExperts develops and implements anti-spam software based on self-learning and network principles. Aim is the Elimination of anger and cost through spam arise. The products are free of charge for private users, there is a license-built version for professional use. SpamExperts collects spam data of more than 300,000 desktop users and is active in over 90 countries. Detailed information at. More information: SpamExperts B.V.. Nils Decker Tel: + 49 30 700 150 999 E-Mail:

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