Seller Customer

It is not considered necessary to have a methodology of management accounts or development of a commercial relationship that goes more has to inform the customer the benefits and features of your product or service and facilitate the transactional process. Relational: This type of sale may have many more names or adjectives, such as advisory, one by one, etc. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andreessen Horowitz. This type of sale sets a business relationship between the seller and the buyer very close. It can occur for low or high involvement products and for products of transactional type of low complexity or for products and services of high complexity. This type of sale depends on the strategy of the company and shall be determined by the degree of coverage and development which the seller wants to give its different customer segments.

In this type of sale, the seller becomes a specialized consultant who is able to help your customer to be more effective in your business. The business relationship is based on providing added value, not only in the supply of a product or service. More solutions than spoken of products and seller supports the customer in an integral manner, even helping you grow your operation benefits and minimize costs to generate the greatest benefits. The seller applies very specific methodologies of coverage of territory, account management, planning of each account, financial justification of investments and in general a set of tools that are fundamental to develop its market and meet your business objectives. Many of the elements that are presented today in the globalized economy demand having sales forces highly specialized to be applied each time more relational sales methodologies. Seller transactional and even informative seller tend to disappear. The seller of the 21st century must be constantly developing techniques to add value to your customer. Now that it is adding value?. Theoretically defines value as the benefit expected by a client to acquire a good or service.


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