Search Engines

Practice shows that if the site is readable and interesting for a man, he eats it and search for both cheeks! Next, write the article. As you can see many more articles on the topic of your business and products that you sell. Article have to be unique. Peredirat do not need someone to fix it, and words. So you only deceive themselves, rather than search engines. The article should be unobtrusively present your key words. If they are inserted into the tag, even better. But not all sites allow you to place articles are tagged with, so keep this in mind, too.

In general, your job, so that more resources link to your site, then search engines will rank you higher and higher. For example, You can place articles on specific sites, social networks, the various lj shkah and other resources. But we should not recklessly plunge on various message boards. Among them are many Linco garbage dumps and general you immediately lower in rank. And it is in any case not be located at sites Garneau graphics and other prohibited content. For this you do not see nobody else, except fans of beautiful strawberries and other fruits.

Yes, and those not up to you Next step. On your site make article section. It should be posted on the main page and the articles themselves one step away from home. Then it works. Do not forget to allocate hand column in the articles in bold, it helps.


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