Renault Twingo Cars

The Renault Twingo has a three-door compact car, produced by the leading French car manufacturer Renault. The Twingo has up to four seats. This is of course still possible another passenger in the middle of the rear seat to accommodate. This could be very close, because this is a small car and therefore really only allowed for four seats is. The Twingo was first established itself in 1993. At that time he still had a simple 54-horsepower 1.3-liter OHV engine.

After several facelifts the Twingo, however, was initially a 1.2-liter (60 HP) engine and later a 1.2-liter 16V (75 bhp) engine used. 1998, the Twingo's first facelift and thus an increase in the second phase. This is called the second generation. These changes were made to paint the front and rear bumpers and a number of technical changes. In 2001, the Twingo then got his second lift to the third phase, the third generation. This particular details of the dress under the sheet metal Twingos have been improved.

As For example, safety engineering, the brakes and the engine. Another facelift is planned for this year. This Twingo will then be created close to the Renault Clio, just with more power and dynamism. The Twingo is in itself a very popular car as a second car for his wife and children of a family. Furthermore, the additional purchasable convertible top makes the Twingo still a lot more attractive. However, this is only available at an additional cost. But not only the additional options of the car Twingos make popular, even the entire interior concept is at the buyers a Renault Twingos considered high.


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