Reducing Prejudice

How to avoid damaging the root sucker? Learn and understand how to play the game of political office. You can not ignore office politics, you decide to play the political game, or refrain from you. Influencing the ethical use of the other effects without being absorbed by the game. Strengthening relations with others in your company and industry. Increase your knowledge of how the company, which has the power and informal influence, and the unwritten and written rules of engagement. Jump to conclusions often criticize others to reach conclusions or assume the worst of a situation that may be incorrect or not justified by the facts.

Upon reaching a conclusion, we tend to label others based on prejudices or stereotypes, to interpret their behavior as a result of assumptions, and reduce our objectivity for being too critical or intolerant. To start this weed, you have to continuously deepen the soil of your mind and heart and repeatedly tear: Think about ways to jump to conclusions-positive or consider alternative aspects of any problem, issue or situation. Refrain from speaking or acting before all the facts. Stop wasting time and energy on what you think may have happened. There may be a good explanation of why he took a particular action. Ask for her. Avoid the tendency to pigeon hole or use other labels and stereotypes. Wishy-Washiness Do you have a boss or co-workers who can not seem to make their minds? One minute model of commitment and trust, the promise of support and support you, the next minute pause, irresolute, not knowing the right direction to take.


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