Public Affairs Office

Otherwise at least sign your flea market at the Public Affairs Office of your municipality or place to a month in advance and get a permission. 3. items for sale select shows you are through cabinets, boxes and box, crawl cellar and storage. What is to be, you want to sell what? If you are unsure, ask yourself if you would buy this article itself once again, if you did not have this. Ask yourself, when you have moved an item for the last time ever.

If the last use is already more than a year, no longer need this junk probably in the future and can sell this to a happy buyer through the flea market. 4th Prize determine creating fair and attractive prices for your items out and mark them with a legible, neon-colored price stickers. You make it easier to make a purchase by price tags on the flea market articles for buyers. Focus on pricing offers in the marketplace by on classifieds. Used electronic items that are older than three years old, you should for example for not more than 25% of the new price offer. Antique works of art, restored furniture, or collectibles, however, can achieve quite a value higher than the purchase price. Also, consider how much you would be willing to go down with the price, if buyers want to be.

Your own experience when visiting other flea markets. 5. you turn Classifieds with advertise a few days before its flea market on “Calling on the Internet and click on display to give up”. Give up flea markets an advertisement events for your flea market in the category. There, they describe the flea market with date and time. Also advertise your most important or representative merchandise. Select the appropriate category of classified ads whether antiques, collecting stamps or bicycles. You briefly describe the subject-matter in the headline and then detail in the ad text.


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