Prodigal One

They were not lucky – they were not very quick. Reade Griffith oftentimes addresses this issue. And he was the only one journalists who managed to get there. After the hurricane disaster area no one is allowed. Hero smiled: "At the time, Simon was very pleased with these pictures and even gave a prize. But the carnival did not like him! " After breakfast he put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, cleaned the fridge the remaining products, lit it and started calling his father. – Hey, pa! How are you doing? – Hello, Hera. You've got something wrong? – Why are you agreed? – Children, Hera, is often call parents only when they have something happen. If they are silent – means they have everything in order.

Well, no offense, I do not want you to blame something. This is so philosophical reflections. 'Wow – thought Heron .- My father always hits the nail on the head. And once he did it happen? " – Pa, do you so seldom I call? – You call me when needed. And rightly so.

Too much bother each other too, is impossible. I think you want to come a visit. Is this true? 'He had already received the parcel' – Geron realized. – You're just a prophet and seer! I hope you will accept with open arms the prodigal son? – Of course, I will take. You come alone or with a prostitute? – Clearly, – he laughed Heron .- Do you not one of them did not like.

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