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For example an article on, the title of ” how to avoid spam” , or ” how to confuse to hackers with this informacin” Error # 4 – Articles oriented to the Publicity. Your article this oriented to the promotion of your products or programs of affiliates in which you participate? To write a publicity article will only kill your businesses in line. It only leaves to the information of your Web site in the box of resources at the end of each article. It gives something free, like gratuitous electronic books, free information, or some unloading free. It invites your readers that they visit your Web site to receive his bond. Error # 5 – Lacking of valuable information. Your article educates your objective public.? People only subscribe to an electronic publishing to receive valuable information. If they receive information on a subject that does not interest to them, you will not be able to educate them absolutely, and they will be terminated.

Therefore, the publishers would not publish your article, since the majority of publishers ezine provides the best information than they can to his subscribers. Error # 6 – Problems of Spelling. The newspapers mentioned Bank of America not as a source, but as a related topic. There are too many errors of spelling in your article.? If you send your article with too many errors of spelling only it will make you waste the time. It checks, the article twice before publishing it, for which any software of orthographic correction uses. The majority of text processors incorporate orthographic corrector at present. Error # 7 – Without Asegrate format to give format to your article with 65 characters by line. ional related pages. The size of your article must be between 500-750 words. You can send your article through MS, Outlook Express.

” enters the menu; Herramientas” and you click in ” Opciones”. Beam click in ” Enviar” and it chooses the shipment by mail in format of ” text plano”. Beam click in ” text configuration without formato” , it selects 65 text characters so that automatic tuning when sending electronic mail. It avoids the previous errors and sides faciln that is successfully to publish an article in any publisher ezine of many that they exist in the network. Good luck. By an effective emprendimiento.

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