Modern Exhaust Purification

HDT meeting shows the practice of the best modern exhaust air purification after burning and biological Abluftreingungsverfahren replace available techniques (BAT) to the purification of molecular sieves and plasma systems. Especially with low VOC emissions and odours are energy-saving ionizatsionnuju-acting processes in focus. Using examples from industrial practice facilities as well as new combinations of procedures presented molecular sieve buffer, UV – and – aufkonzentrationssysteme and NTP. It is shown how exhaust air through cogeneration is used for electricity and heat supply, adsorbed H2S or Mercaptanes also at low pH values and VOC emissions scrubber held back. Chemists and engineers show the practice of best available techniques (BAT) to the exhaust air cleaning for the chemical and automotive industries, as well as for production facilities of the rubber and plastics industry or food production and reducing odor to sewage treatment plants, as well as in the printing industry. The Haus der Technik offers the meeting for the first time modern Exhaust air cleaning proceedings”on 9th-10th April 2014 for the chemical and automotive industries. More information is housed here: Sling Media.

The event is recognized by the German safety engineers association with 3 VDSI-environmental training points.


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