Long Term Car Rental

When we talk about outsourcing, we are talking about the transfer of non-core assets and processes throughout the enterprise in the management of external contractors or outsourcing companies. If you have read about Rob Crossland already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We undertake all the tasks on the organization of transport ensure your company. You get rid of all the problems associated with the operation of the car (insurance, regular MOT, parking, loading, washing, etc.) entering into a contract with us you cut accounting and administrative load. The proposed fleet consists exclusively of new models, the world's leading manufacturers, from economy to premium. All provided in rental cars are insured for all insured risks (CTP, Hull, life and health of passengers) and we provide round the clock technical support. Necessary component of any business – it costs not only on the core business, but also on management non-core assets that are not profitable, but it is vital for the normal operation of any company. And the bigger, the greater the cost, the staff, as well as load management personnel associated with non-core activities. At the same time, implementation of the outsourcing business model can yield positive results, since the outside contractor because of its experience and technologies able to ensure the development and optimization of non-core assets transferred to a higher and more qualitative level.

At first glance it might seem that the usual scheme of work to manage its own car park more attractive than the proposed Transport outsourcing, since everything is within your own organization, all the controls in one hand, everything is under control. Also, looking at the cost of car rental services, it would seem that it is cheaper to buy your car. In fact, when buying a vehicle does not include the cost of its maintenance, servicing and maintenance of all required infrastructure. During the years of diligent work by our partners are division of the largest Russian companies: RUSAL, Rosneft, MMC "Norilsk Nickel", the Administration of districts and towns in Krasnoyarsk Krai, banks, hotels, residents and visitors to our city.

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