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It considers that the first rescue made the members of the Euro and thus must be. Great Britain is not " thanks to Dios" in eurozona, it assures. Exministro Jack Straw affirms that to the Euro " durar&quot cannot;. The United Kingdom will not contribute a penny more to the rescue of Greece, has assured British prime minister, the conservative David Cameron. In a sharp speech last night before a group of enterprise leaders, the leader " tory" (preservative) he said that its country is not forced to give more aid to Greece except for which it provides through International Monetary Fund (the IMF) because Great Britain is not " thanks to Dios" in eurozona.

" The first rescue of Greece carried out the members to it of the zone of the Euro and I absolutely do not see reason some so that Great Britain was dragged by the European financial mechanisms or any others a new rescue of Grecia" , it explained. Cameron assured that it will leave his refusal well clear to contribute the future to rescue of Greece in the next meeting of js of Government of the European Union (the EU), that surely will be dominated by the crisis in that Mediterranean country. " None I believe that we would have (to have to contribute to that new rescue), and will fight with all forces to dnder that position in the European Council of this semana" , said prime minister. The people in charge of Finances of the Twenty-seven are conditional a new rescue of Greece by a total of 12,000 million Euros to the application by their Government of based measures of austerity in 28.000 million Euros, that include an increase of the fiscal pressure and massive cuts of the public cost. According to sources of Downing Street, nobody has asked, nevertheless, to Great Britain that contributes to that second rescues, that could be limited the seventeen members of the zone of the Euro. Nevertheless, according to it explained in the Parliament the Secretary of State of the British Treasure, Mark Hoban, the IMF, del that Great Britain is member, could be seen forced to participate in the rescue. The Euro " durar&quot cannot; Meanwhile, the Labour Party member and exministro of Outer Subjects Jack Straw noticed in the House of Commons that the Euro " durar&quot cannot; and it insisted to the British Government of which they prepare " alternativas" to the unique currency. According to Straw, the potential exhibition from this country to the Greek debt, including the one of the private banks, ascends to 8,000 million pounds (9,040 million Euros).

The British Government, said the political Labour Party member, must recognize " change of humor" in Europe, where people who were before eurfila think already about the possibility of the end of the Euro as conocemos". " If the Euro under its present form is going to die, it would not be better than everything quickly happened instead of to have to attend a slow dead? " , Straw was asked. Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, of the Democratic Liberal Party, criticized " catastrofismo" of the political Labour Party member and it said that their predictions on eurozona do not benefit to the United Kingdom. Source of the news: Cameron affirms that Great Britain will not put a penny for a possible rescue to Greece


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