Hotel Trade Supplies

The net cost by worker increased in 2010 a 0.5% with respect to the previous year, until being placed in annual 30. 541. Of that amount, near 375 must to expenses related things among others to the selection of personnel. A cost that seeing what a worker to the company costs altogether does not seem excessive but that if we watched more kindly and we calculated the final cost by all the workers of a company the number already impresses a little more. And following the sector this last data will matter much more. Fijmonos in the sector of the hotel trade, more concretely, in the supplies of use the hotel trade. Because it is a sector that depends much on the times of the year, its necessity of hirings diverges incredibly from a month to another one.

During the vacations, summer, Easter, bridges the guest house ones need to contract much personal against the increase of the demand but only for the time has been lasting that demand. After that short period of time it will stop needing good part the engaged personnel. For that reason, in this sector in individual, is so necessary to guess right then with the hirings as soon as there is time to adapt itself to the surroundings, to the needs of the contractor. Everything goes very fast and to be mistaken when contracting can suppose the loss of hundreds of Euros. Thus the things, proliferate companies of selection in the hotel trade that with an ample stock market of petitioners, of curricula, allow the contracting person to sharpen in which it wants, to extend their options of success. First they offer security at the time of contracting, which is very important. Who goes to one of these companies knows that what will be is trustworthy, that it has few options to be mistaken. And, secondly, thanks to the previous thing money will be saved. Money will be saved because it will not need to have a department of human resources to guess right in the hiring. She herself with the advising will be able to make it the contracting person of the personnel company.


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