Always the leadership styles should be chosen according to the profile of the team that you have (there are very competitive teams and there are also very relaxed). Also the style of leadership must be adapted to the characteristics of each Member (according to the competence and motivation of each one). But if the criterion is about the level of discipline to apply, we are then compelled to ask ourselves, what works better? Actually, it is convenient that a leader mix both styles. The key is as follows: the leader must be strict with the result and flexible with the way in which his collaborator decides to get there. For example: suppose you’re a counter that is responsible for a team of people that have the slogan of reducing the nonperforming loans of the company. If the percentage is reducing the portfolio by 20% at the end of the first quarter, all you communicate your team must project your intention that you not self-advocate with less. Now, you can share tips and strategies with your team that have worked you in the past to collect from delinquent customers.

However, it is likely that your Contributor 1 will run a style, the contributor 2 has another style and collaborator 3 has a third style. It assaults not to the policies of the company whether you show flexibility in their way of doing things to these people, allowing them to choose the best way to achieve the result. Wayne Holman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The great advantage of this mode of driving you as leader is that your team will be printing their own personal stamp in his work, emotionally resulting them more enjoyable, because they will be expressing their individuality without losing the goal of team. At the end of accounts, if you’re an entrepreneurial leader, you work for a company or you’re leading multilevel, what matters is the end result, right? This strategy applies. You will gain much ancestry on your team and what is best, you’ll be influencing to increase your productivity that you you will also benefit. We encourage you to try different styles that you have!


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