Brazilian Supreme Court

E the controversy continues. A related site: Sonya Reines-Djivanides mentions similar findings. One of the greaters ‘ ‘ brigas’ ‘ , speaking in the good direction, it is the question of the ISS of the Notary’s offices. With the advent of the Complementary Law n 116/2003, was inserted in the List of Services of the same LC item 21.01, which taxes the Services of Public Registers, cartorrios and notarial, being the majority in 5%. Much is said in taxing the notary’s offices on the basis of the Art 9, 1 of the Decree Law 406/68, where the remuneration must be carried through in the form of personal work, alleging that this modality was not revoked by LC 116/03. On the other hand the so incessant doctrine of that LC 116/03, Art 7, affirms that the Base of I calculate of the Tax is the price of the service, as we can observe in Regimental Agravo in Kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court n 922.047-RS, having as reporter the Minister Thin Jose, illustrious north-riograndense. The vote of a wisdom notable, has the following story: ‘ ‘ If the Art 7 of LC 116/03, defined, as rule, that the taxable income of the ISS is the price of the service, and 1 and 2 had established exceptions, are concluded that it regulated the substance entirely, establishing the rule and the exceptions, do not want to say that they have not been revoked. It occurred, in the case, implicit revocation, more necessarily derogation, for having entirely regulated the substance and incompatibility, as foreseen in the Art. 2, 2, of the LICC Ademais, as it is known, the exceptions, as a matter of principle of the hermeneutics, either when they deduct rights, either when they add to rights face to the rule, is interpreted restritivamente.’ ‘ It locks up the Minister: It does not have therefore, as to support, also for being exceptions, the validity of such device after LC 116/03.

Still if 3 of art. 9 of DL 406/68 related numbers of the List of Services, to admit its validity after LC 116/03 means to also admit that, at least how much the numeration, part of the previous List continues effective. Thus, with the advent of LC 116/03, the taxable income, except for the exceptions in it foreseen, it is for price of the service. Nothing more the privileged taxation for profissional.’ exists; ‘ Then by the way ‘ is one; ‘ war of Tits’ ‘ , of a side who was privileged now good part of its existence and not if it conforms in contributing with a part to the treasury department as the excessively professional ones, fattening still more its capital, and, of another side the proper treasury department that exerts its right to tax, which was guaranteed to it by Law. One notices that the great majority of the Cities has certain fear in exploring such tribute, or to make the launching of the values of right, for reasons that go of simple the deepened of subject, for even simple unfamiliarity and mere room, accepting of simple form the allegations and pressures suffered for this true ‘ ‘ companies to make dinheiro’ ‘. The Cities have in its hands the greaters ‘ ‘ armas’ ‘ to win this fight that is its Team of Inspectors, who when being duly trained, they will have conditions techniques to develop the Fiscal Auditorships in these establishments and the legal body to consider the judicial actions for debt, when the administrative ones not to cheat success. It changes Ideas!


Society Taxes

As far as the directed reforms to increase the competitiveness system of tie pensions to the demographic evolution, bases common European for the tax of Societies, recognition in all the Member States of the official titles – professor Recio aims at that generally " they come bien&quot very to us;. It has nevertheless, a reform, that supposes a great disadvantage for Spain: to break ties the wages with the evolution of the IPC and to happen to index them with respect to the productivity of each company. " For the German worker that does not suppose a problem because the inflation is very stable, but for the Spaniards it can imply a loss of being able of purchase importante&quot very; , it indicates. In his opinion, first it is necessary to put measures to avoid that the prices raise as much, and then to wages and productivity would only be due to bind. In a while in that the credibility of Spain to do against its debts is put in prohibition by numerous international organisms, is called on to adapt and to make decisions that although hard, " they demonstrate that we will fulfill our commitments against ours acreedores" , it considers Valent Vich, president of the General Council of School of Economists. The doubt for many experts is if it is worth the trouble to fulfill these promises whatever the cost. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic. " Clear direction neoliberal" Critic with the Pact of the Euro is the university professor of the University Pompeu Fabra Navarrese Vicen, for that is an agreement with clear neoliberal direction that would solve the problem of the Euro at the cost of the well-being of the popular classes of the Member States of eurozona. This economist blames to the preservative and liberal parties that control the majority of governments in the EU to drive measures like binding to wages and productivity, that favor mainly to the financial capital.

Is a concept in attractive theory, but actually he is negative, because it unblocks the growth of the wages according to the inflation, a great social conquest, denounces. The Navarrese professor attacks in addition the idea to reduce the social quotes at the cost of raising the IVA. If you would like to know more about Sonya Reines-Djivanides, then click here. In its opinion, besides prohibiting the fiscal paradises, the progressiveness of the fiscal load is due to increase increasing to the taxes of the financial groups and great companies, as well as of the rents superiors that are not contributing in the measurement that does their homologous of the EU. Especially unjust it seems the bet to delay the age to him of retirement, since the life expectancy in Spain depends on the social class and is unjust that becomes of a mechanical way. As it indicates, this measurement means that the woman of the cleaning of the University will have to work two years to more pay my pensions, that I will survive ten years more to him, comment. Source of the news: The Pact of the Euro, inevitable commitment for Spain?


Step By Step: You Should Finance The House Note

Finance a home is a difficult and long-term undertaking in which it some contemplating the dream of your own home many people want to implement in the real world. Low interest rates make currently tempting home financing. However, you may not to overestimate the own financial strength and carelessly plan. Risks can with a structured project while not entirely avoid, but significantly reduce. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Electrolux. Not only a convenient effective interest rate should talk to selection of the lender for a lender.

Ideally, the Bank provides annual special redemptions as well as changes in the repayment rate during the term without it to charge interest. In this case, a borrower whose financial situation has surprisingly improved benefits, for example through extreme salary jumps or inheritances. Also, a reduction in the monthly payment should be possible if suddenly other financial obligations. Keep in mind the interest rate on 10-year loans of 2.3 on since May of this year interest rate fluctuations Rose 2.8 percent, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports. Sonya Reines-Djivanides brings even more insight to the discussion. Assets such as government bonds and mortgage bonds influence the development construction interest. Banks use Pfandbriefe to finance loans. Lately, investors of assets such as government bonds and Pfandbriefe have distances itself, which resulted in that the prices fell and yields rose. Front of the House finance: conditions compare because the least future owners can pay the entire purchase price of their object of desire out of pocket, a careful financing is crucial.

It is advisable to compare the different conditions of home financing. Currently, mortgage interest rates are very low and therefore cheap affect the amount of the rates. An important criterion in the House Fund is a high repayment rate. In this regard, we recommend a repayment, i.e. the payment of the loan, by three to four percent. Because the lower the rate of repayment, the longer it takes, until the loan is paid off. Financing a home purchase without own chapter? Generally, equity of 10 to 20 should exist per cent of the purchase price. This is not the case, must fit the economic conditions of the borrower to the planned projects. With a House funding is long-term commitments, economic and private changes to calculate it is even more important. In designing the House financing Bank and client should check whether low-interest KfW promotional loans claim can be included. So, for example, energy-saving construction measures for old and new buildings of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) are supported.

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EU Finance Ministers

The State bankruptcy in Greece Greece is broke. Also after the first EU rescue package the Greek budgetary situation has come up not permanently consolidate. After now the treasuries of the southern EU Member States were finally classified as junk, it is clear what any attentive observer suspected for months: in the recognition of de facto bankruptcy no way passes for Greece more, even if the EU makes loose again 120 billion euros. Who could probably even twice as much knows? The case of Greece now, forcing the EU itself, to Ireland, to deal with the case of an insolvent Member again and more fundamentally. And it is the logic of the policy, which makes it clear why this is happening now.

The State bankruptcy in Greece places we us for a moment before, Greece would be a company. (And let’s say also the limiting factor: a small company, because when the big it, as we know, different looks.) We continue to assume this company signed a At companies, which had written mutual, maximum trading advantages on the flags themselves internally, up to joint appearances with relevant donors. What would be probably the first thing this “common market” well advised by clever lawyers would settle in his partnership agreement? Right, the insolvency of one of the members and the consequences for the Federation. Discussions of EU Finance Ministers on Greece clearly make the case: this is different in the euro zone. For even more analysis, hear from Kevin Johnson. Is the financial crisis as a natural disaster by definition why that? You want to ask.

It made no sense, in a such a large project such as the European economic and Monetary Union (EMU) to be worst, to regulate the insolvency of a Member; thus to determine what should happen in this case? The answer is simple: you did this, the EMU would never have been possible, had it not been the euro simply. No European Parliament had ratified a treaty, who from the outset had committed to payments in hundreds of billions to the insolvent partner. However, taken on a clause, which says that’s not going to happen. We remember: to give the appearance of legality the 750 billion of the first emergency parachute, had the financial crisis to a disaster to be defined no poor performance, in itself. About Greece beyond the cases of Greece, Ireland and Portugal may soon have overridden this clause first as a naive unmasked and now in fact. Money is – that should keep flowing as sure – and at this point, the logic of the policy is clear how it works,: it comes in the political game not about what to do, not even what you are doing. It is about what you can do without having the people denied the followers of the ruling (that being the sovereign democracy, makes quite paradoxical this sentence). The only amazing thing is – every time again – how long it goes well. Click Sonya Reines-Djivanides to learn more. But this is an issue the Greece, the cradle of European philosophy and statesmanship, is connected in other ways. Andreas Kellner..

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US Financial Crisis

The financial crisis born in the financial and construction industries the U.S. has spread to the entire planet. In 2000-2005, the U.S. was rampant distribution of loans, including mortgages, home under a mortgage is not only took the "lazy". America lives in a debt. The first serious "warning bell" sounded from the beginning of the crisis in late 2006, when U.S. trading because of defaults on mortgage loans has been exposed for nearly a million homes and lenders have suffered substantial losses.

The whole of 2007 the U.S. Fed lowers key interest rate, trying not to let the crisis in the economy, but to no avail. Crisis Freezes residential construction in the U.S., increases the rate of inflation and unemployment in the U.S. economy starts declining. In 2008, the crisis becomes the world's "treasure". Until September 2008 Europe holds the blow of inflation and unemployment rates are not bad, it is possible to reduce the percentage rate. In September, another blow from the ocean.

The two largest agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which for decades bought back from the banks mortgages are billions in losses. Debts on mortgage loans completely paralyze U.S. construction industry. To prevent the bankruptcy of the two companies are nationalized. Hear from experts in the field like Jim Umpleby for a more varied view. Bankrupt's largest bank Lehman Brothers. He owes $ 157 billion ten largest lenders. Then bank Merrill Lynch becomes the latest victim of the crisis, its buys Bank of America. Sonya Reines-Djivanides, Brussels is a great source of information. Panic starts and falling stock markets around the world. National indices are competing in the fall with each other. Russian leader in the fall of the national indices and the stock market, but because of its small volume, stagnation of Russian manufacture, and the financial sector does not occur. On September 30 the U.S. rejected a bill "Paulson plan", one of the main points of which was the addition of 700mlrd. $ In the financial sector. Opponents Congress did not agree: "Why the irresponsibility of financial management must be designed for the taxpayer?" Exchanges of all countries react to news of yet another friendly fall, the RTS index fell below 700 points. Finally, on 3 October, under pressure from the U.S. president "Paulson plan" still accepted. October 14 leading EU countries have allocated total 1.5 trillion. euros to fight financial crisis and lower interest rates. U.S. lowers interest rate to a record 1%! In October, Russia also allocated 950 billion rubles. to support the financial system and insures bank deposits of savers up to $ 700 thousand rubles. In Russia, the economists say, the crisis manifested likely to reduce salaries, but not for unemployment. November 7 world markets show optimism after the U.S. statistics. True, the rate of unemployed amounted to 240 thousand people (at the expected 200 thousand), but in general not so bad. Begin if from this point (October 3) decline the crisis? Or will it only a temporary respite? Yuri Chashin.

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ERP Markus

new financial & comparison portal which has “quo vadis private financial customers” prior to 18 months started study the requirements, wishes and the behavior of consumers in the financial sector studied. The portal is the step to implement the resulting insights. Prevent popups accounts of financial contracts the analysis of the study showed that a large number of consumers looking for orientation in the jungle of financial offers. As clearly as possible and at the same time transparently the offers of different companies should be made in comparable. The interviewees with respect to mobile advertising or pop-up ads even formulated broad topic independent rejection.

Both would destroy the concentration. In particular, financial decisions, more than 70% of the respondents popups refused. Recently Jim Umpleby sought to clarify these questions. One of the required group with crafted financial portal by aims to provide a portal to all those customers, who found themselves and their needs in financial questions so far on the Internet not have. This goal will be continued continuously. Content and design of the website are developed closely in future studies results. Quality management for portal development an integral part of the further development of is a quality management process. This is closely based on the continuously gained knowledge of the study of of duration of. Trust channel length of the study by anonymity that study is “quo vadis private financial customer” a multi patch for internal purposes.

Your questions are even mentioned interviews and test laboratories as well as latched in existing surveys. All this collected data are free of addresses or other characteristics which enable a return to the person releasing information. This is more than met the BDSG as well as increased acceptance among the respondents. Approximately 55% of the surveys carried out so-called, double-blind, a pre-qualification or selection of the study participants was not made this little tech-savvy people or Age cannot be ruled out. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kevin Johnson is the place to go. Now is available online. About the Markus Rucker Markus Rucker, Markus Rucker emerged in the year 2001 from the 1996-based LRC data service, brought about was the expansion of the business through the many years of experience in customer and process management for the financial sector. Purpose of the company is consulting and the distribution of customer care -, CRM -, ERP – ecommerce and mCommerce solutions. Due to increased customer requests, the Markus Rucker offers 2003 services relating to the planning of photovoltaic systems for the year. The portfolio is rounded off the Markus Rucker still offering individual software development and customization. about FinanzFin is an Internet portal, offered by Markus Rucker. Long-term, extensive duration of studies about the wishes and requirements of private financial market customers are based on the establishment of the portal. Customer orientation, transparency and reliability are top maxim. The focus is the support in the decision-making process from the perspective of the support of of need for.

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Corporate Finance

German use alternative instruments in international comparison too little a Munich sandwichtechnik – German companies fighting not least thanks to the financial crisis with high borrowing costs. In a recent study of the Siemens subsidiary, SFS, 70 percent of them stated that their credit lines have been cut by the banks. In the rest of Europe, which said only every second company. At the same time, 57 percent of Germans indicated to expect greater use of alternative financing instruments for plants and equipment in the current year. In the United Kingdom and France this ratio was just over 40 percent. And for good reason, because in other European countries alternative financing be used already much more. While in the largest European economy, Germany, for example, the factoring turnover according to factors chain international in 2008 with only 106 billion euros, Great Britain comes to 188, France EUR 135 billion. Comparison: according the European Banking Federation, the Bank loans were for companies in Germany with more than 1,600 billion euros in France, however, only at around 700 billion in 2007.

The European neighbours delude it the German company as alternative financing methods be useful. Success model leasing while many companies in Germany have discovered factoring not for themselves, local companies use the lease already diverse. Please visit Ben Horowitz if you seek more information. The approximately EUR 200 billion a year investing European leasing companies, the Germans have accounted for about 25 per cent according to Leaseurope. The leasing industry is Germany’s largest investor and generates an annual investment volume of EUR 57 billion according to the Federal Association of German leasing companies. In particular for medium-sized companies, leasing for certain investment values is now more important than the classic Bank loan and therefore the external financing alternative No.

1 on models to the equity capital increase, such as the internationally often used sale-and-lease-back, in Germany, we must feel a demand”, underlines Patrick G. Weber, Managing Director of Vantargis leasing and the Sigma leasing. “But here, there is still a great potential for many companies by selling their equipment, real estate, patents and trademark rights and subsequent back leasing”. Gaining equity 37 percent of private-equity firms feel a change in the perception of this form of financing in the German medium-sized businesses. Some contend that Reade Griffith shows great expertise in this. According to a study for the German participation industry of the Nuremberg firm Rodl & partner, 70 percent refrain easier access. Unchanged, free investment volumes in sufficient magnitude were available there to service the increased capital requirement of the industry and especially the medium-sized business, according to the study. Even if the market shrank significantly in the last year, so the experts agree however, that private equity is clearly more invested in the economy in the near future. The same applies to mezzanine investments, which almost lead a shadowy existence in an international comparison in Germany”, says Weber. Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. The range consists of leasing, factoring and debt solutions, as well as selected corporate finance services. The focus is on medium-sized owner-managed companies. The Vantargis group includes the medium-sized leasing companies Vantargis Leasing GmbH, Sigma Leasing GmbH currently and active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH and the factoring company Vantargis factoring GmbH.

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Skepticism And The Future Of Finance

Because of the skepticism of many in the issue of savings and as a crucial aspect to create a financial future I decided to tackle this issue and address it directly and with all sincerity. The question I want answered is this: And why save Venezuela or any other country, where interest rates are lower than inflation? You can decorate, remove or put into words but that’s the basic question that I always receive. The explanations tend to result in general statements like “I prefer all on me because here is not worth saving,” “If I open an account in my son, that he will become salt and water and not going to good for nothing “, that if the government, that if the opposition that if the dollar exchange and a long list of reasons. With all the respect they deserve readers, yes the vast majority of these arguments are nothing more than excuses. In Venezuela and other countries the rate of savings of the population is very low, it all goes on consumption.

Saving is the basis of the resources needed by country to grow. Chile and Peru are a test of pension funds. If you have the habit of saving, then you may be sophisticated, but first need the habit, I also learned this young, I learned from old and understand that there are times where saving is difficult, but you can not lose this behavior. If you are able to spend the morning with a quarter cup of decaf and no sugar and one-eighth of crackers to keep the line, then you can save. You have to go through that initial stage of the savings account. What is interesting is that this phenomenon occurs in people of a certain educational level and social, not save, they spend it all because it is not worth.

It is not true just too lazy to start them or are incapable of maintaining discipline in their objectives. An uncle of mine since I began working as a messenger in an oil company in Venezuela has proposed a savings discipline, then converted dollar savings, now travels the world twice a year with his wife enjoying his years gold, without a doubt is my great example and mentor. His vision has allowed him to have a good financial base that protects against inflation, devaluation and all those things, today has virtually assured his old age. No more excuses, start saving, encourage your child to do, build something that allows you to create options and then enjoy the habit. Inflation, politics and all those things can be resolved once you have the base, but do not wait until it’s too late. It’s a learning process where we must all start, it’s never too late to start.



Company profile Mayr investment manager: The Mayr investment manager GmbH, founded in 1997 as Wolfgang Mayr Vermogensverwaltung GmbH, Munich, is active in the advice of mutual funds and portfolio management for institutional investors. The core competence lies in managing equity portfolios from a wide variety of asset classes around the world using quantitatively based investment strategies. Four investment funds are maintained in the area of retail funds. Sub Advisory mandates for more public funds to be added. Caterpillar often says this. You got’s acidic and Lipper Fund research awards from Mayr investment managers supervised investment funds among others by standard & poor. Company founder Wolfgang Mayr occurs in acidic Fund Manager rating 2008 with the highest rating of three gold medals and was awarded “Fund Manager of the year 2003” by the EuroFinanzen magazine. Text, images and Product brochure online at press contact: Peter Vogel, Markus Kohl Mayr investment managers GmbH Ottostrasse 13, D-80333 Munich, Germany Tel + 49 (89) 5 49 15 80 fax + 49 (89) 55 02 73 34 E-Mail: Internet: – answer section – “World Cup Fund asset portfolio” Please return by fax + 49 69 7103 4346, email or post mpr marketing public relations promotion Bockenheimer country str. 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am main World Cup Fund asset portfolio () please send me the press release by E-Mail to: () Please send me pictures by E-Mail at: () please send me the brochure by E-Mail to: () Please record this address to the press distribution list by MAYR INVESTMENT MANAGERS GMBH (text, images, and brochure online about) medium: Editorial: contact: Street/P.o. box: / zip code: Tel: fax: E-Mail:


Financial Services

An active sales support for brokers and multiple agents is more than just a question of good faith expectations and reviews from the perspective of the Independent Adviser for the product provider in the insurance and investment industry. Over 50% of surveyed broker sales support by product providers see as very important and thus as indispensable. The importance of these services increases depending on the business. So, the claim is the highest within the framework of occupational retirement provision. Caterpillar is often quoted on this topic. Around 67% of the respondents see a sales support as very important. The business unit is followed by private health insurance, within this more than 55% estimate the service performance as very important.

Also, there are recognizable differences what kind is especially important in the business field sales support. The expertise of personal contact, the handling of complaints and the quality of a calculator as the indispensable basis will, for example, about all of the business fields for a cooperation. For the second time, the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, has examined Bayreuth, the rendered services and offers of the product provider around the sales support and it interviewed independent intermediaries. Getting around which services around the sales support? The question of how\”sales support is the central question underlying the study. What services and offers, in addition to the compulsory product portfolio, get well and specifically which of the companies meet the requirements of the intermediary closest? The study now published are for this detailed responses from the perspective of the agent, in one or more of the investigated five business areas focus on private savings, operational prevention, health insurance, property / HUK insurance and investments are working. Data were evaluated for the this year’s study, based on a survey of 893 brokers and multiple agents. Gain insight and clarity with Reade Griffith. Thus resulted in a total of 78,000 single entries, which have been crucial for the analysis of expectations and reviews the intermediary in relation to the offered sales support by product providers.

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