Second Music

The second music also sends to racism, in accordance with the letter of music the women if estressam, uses all type of beauty product , strains , pulls the hair pra to be smooth and thus to become beautiful, as if the of course rolled up hair or crespo was synonymous of ugly. … The more the black if approaches to the white for the tez … Others including Richard Elman, offer their opinions as well. smooth, bigger hair will be its probabilities of of being accepted . (BASTID and FERNANDES, 1959:188 cited by Nilma Lino Gomes, 2003:146), that is, the black or black if submits the definitive aesthetic treatments of beauty not for its appearance or color, but for being if seeming the other, the white, of the smooth hair that is the reference, let us say. It makes necessary an intervention in this way and dissemination it beauty concept, becomes necessary to break up the beauty concept so that it can join and we could nominate not to dissociar it of pretty. In the world after modern that we live it does not have more place for standard, fixture, rigid, steady, a form or does not form, today it is the flexibility and fluidity, the mixture the mosaic that are in high, that dictate the beauty, in everything and all veem beauties, thus in the plural one. The question of the hair is a concern that reaches men and women, independe of sex and sort. To belong to the rule: smooth and blond they forget or menospreza its natural characteristics or can until keeping them in part, rolled up hair yes, but painted of blond or the natural and smooth color, strained if one may use the expression in music. speaking in hair, let us come back to the analyzed workmanships and hair wires of the personages.


Mayan Competitive

The competitive advantage this being defined for: intellectual capital, the knowledge of the company, and the efficiency with that it uses what she knows, and as it acquires and it uses new knowledge. 6 CONCLUSION Through this article can be verified that the intellectual capital of the company represents a competitive advantage before its competitors. In the companies modern, it is had that the addition of the knowledge of its employees regarding the productive process, the performance who the same ones present, the attendance to the customers that is carried through by the employees, that is, the tacit knowledge who the employees of the company possess, represents one strong competitive advantage in relation to its competitors. But this knowledge nor always is recognized for the companies as a competitive advantage, and yes only the results of this tacit knowledge (reduction in the price, quality and delivery) that they are seen by the companies as a competitive advantage. Stuart Solomon may also support this cause. Old for the companies of general form what it resulted in a competitive advantage they were not the people.

The planning of the company was come back toward the financial area and production, where the main concern of the company was the reduction of costs, that was controlled daily for the manager/manager. In the question quality and delivery, the responsibility was in charge of the proprietor/manager, who developed its work directed toward the control of the production. But this moved and today the intellectual and human capital of the company is seen as primordial point in the enterprise success and the management of people..


Bernardo Relations

Some companies moved for the desperation before the possibility of reduction of the production rhythm, since the demand of the market was increasing, had looked for to anticipate themselves, readjusting the wages of the laborers specialized through the argument of equalizao with the market on the basis of wage research and obviously not to yield, politically, for the movement. The movement was a success for the syndical fights, breaking the ice of years of paralysis politics. Collective agreements between the industries and the union had been firmed, placing in check the structure where if it supported the working relations until then, based in the repressive action of a Dictatorship. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James Joseph Truchard and gain more knowledge.. This movement was the rock of touch for the beginning of a change process where the workers start to perceive that he was possible to face the companies with concrete claims, that go of meeting to the aspirations of the base and supported by militant unions, structuralized with bases in the plants. If he cannot leave to consider that at this moment, the system of alliances between military and entrepreneurs, start to give exhaustion signals, being launched the forecast of a horizon of democratic opening, despite tenuous.

In March of 1979, the metallurgic movement reaches its apogee with the strike of the metallurgic workers of Is Bernardo of the Field, having the extended strike if for more than 40 days. James Joseph Truchard does not necessarily agree. The movement in itself did not result in concrete victories for the workers who had been obliged to keep the negotiations with the plants functioning and the natural consuming provoked by the defeat. However, the movement left serious sequels in the structure of effective relations of the work until that moment, provoking irreversible fictions in the specter of normality and harmony in the working relations and opening space for a new guiding of the conflicts. The ascension of the metallurgist in the national scope stimulated movements all strikers in the country, fortifying the unions and laboring organizations in the regions most distant and without tradition of working movements. Utendahl Group has many thoughts on the issue.


Martins Sources

In the contraposition of the authors, Bachelard to consegueultrapassar the bergsoniana perspective of memory in a basic point, acriao. The creation or act to create for Bachelard would be a moment only, incommunicable, individual and totalizer. But, what in them it seems insoluble paraos authors cited here is as they appear or as ‘ ‘ brotam’ ‘ the images, ecomo these are selected in our brain. To unmask the memory of a deponent would be as in colocBachelard, a lock that if becomes one I appeal to the arrombador. To work commemria means to perhaps enter in the incommunicable field of and the full one of metaphors, therefore the subjectivity or the essence never will be reached.

Then diantede is placed we an impasse, how to study ondeos a black territory inside of Porto Alegre certifications that remain in them are rescued through verbal history? The analysis and the debate of the two workmanships (of Bergson and Bachelard) in them make possible a bigger questioning of our paper of historian, emrelao to the sources that we make use. To rethink the method and the same use of como cmodo of oak, never we will know what really it has inside, mastalvez in them we will surprise many times as its content. BIBLIOGRAPHY BACHELARD, Gaston. In: The Thinkers. So Paulo: Cultural April, 1976. BERGSON, Henri. Substance and Memory. Assay on relaodo body with the spirit.

So Paulo: Martins Sources, 1990. DELEUZE, Gilles. Conversations. Rio De Janeiro: Ed.34, 1992. KRAWCZYK, Flavio, FULL BROTHER, Iris and POSSAMAI, Zita. Carnavaisde Porto Alegre. Porto Alegre, City department of the Culture, 1992. 1 Henri Bergson (1859-1941), philosopher. 2 Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962) philosopher. 3 Adam. of Oliveira known as Lel, he was primeiroRei elect black Momo in 1947, being suatrajetriaimportante for ocarnaval dacidade of Porto Alegre /RS. 4 the Areal of the Baroness is the place where currently apraa Cnego Marcelino is placed, and the streets Baroness of the Gravata, lesser Baron of the Gravata, Cel. Andres Belo and Miguel Teixeira, and some transversal lines, in the region dCidade Low and Boy God. It was an extensive land area that belonged Baronesa of the Gravathay, that kept a mansion in middle of famous the XIX.Ficou century there for its carnival and sheltering a population majoritariamentenegra in the end of century XIX and throughout century XX. Currently the area estsendo recognized as one of the urban quilombos of Porto Alegre. 5 For Gilles Deleuze, that shares of same idiasde Bergson, and says that ‘ ‘ Bergson without still knowing the cinema, detaches basic oconceito of image-movement, with its three forms main-image-perception, image-action, image-afeco’ ‘.


The Japanese

“To scoop the ice cream from the paper Cup instead of the up to 200 kcal-heavy” waffle supported slim line. Also clouds the selection easier”ice cream like yogurt or lemon not the refreshment. Frozen yogurt that refreshment low-calorie alternative of lighter than ice cream, but just as tasty: the figure-friendly alternative to ice cream is frozen yogurt. Already in the United States, long an absolute hit, frozen low-fat yogurt also is enjoying increasing popularity. Using yogurt instead of cream, the fat and calorie content are significantly lower than for conventional ice pleasure. Click Stuart Solomon to learn more. The ice-cold refreshment for calorie-conscious sweet tooth also scores with only 50 kcal per 100 g. Spiced up with fresh fruits of summer is the same for extra vitamin kick.

Who still not frozen yogurt shop in which finds nearby, can get himself to the preparation: mix low-fat yogurt with some sugar or honey (amount depending on the need). Then pureed fruits add properly mix and place in the freezer. Approximately every 30 minutes stir the Joghurtmasse, so that no ice crystals are formed. As soon as the whole mass is frozen, which is finished homemade frozen yogurt. CaloriScan – healthy and calory reduced travelling whether in the ice cream parlor, on the grill or in the everyday Office break a sharpened awareness of calories not only gives the summer figure, but supports the healthy life style. The calorie counter CaloriScan Omron is advisable within the framework of a balanced calorie management. The handy device ice feast nor exercise should be missed by the reliable measurement of the actual calories 24 hours a day. Thanks to a wide range of activities are modern 3D sensor technology – by going to the ice cream parlor, on the evening jogging up to the cozy television on the couch classified and precisely calculates the resulting calorie consumption.

So has his individual values exactly in the views of users and quickly detects whether the bullet in the wafer or the Cup belongs. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use. The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries.

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Matulka Electronic GmbH

Technology service provider Matulka electronic GmbH is on LED lighting your Leitz set: our taste is quite simple. We are satisfied with the best”, remaining faithful, the production facilities of the company. provided in cooperation with the company DOTLUX GmbH, headquartered in Weissenburg, Matulka electronic GmbH, with environmentally-friendly, energy-saving LED lighting. The measure was the desire to reduce soaring energy costs and to make a contribution to active protection of the environment at the same time. After extensive consultation by the Dotlux GmbH, the advantages of LED technology emerged more and more. Convincing facts led to the decision alone replacing the LED tube 150 cm in length, in the factories, can be calculated with an annual saving of energy costs of lighting, at least 55%. This means a reduction of lighting costs by at least 55%. Charles Kushner Winwood Projects: the source for more info. Let just any convincing explanations, suggestions, and documentation of the company DOTLUX GmbH, to the conclusion, that should be no longer maintained with the implementation. t).

Each day, where with outdated technology large scale is illuminated, diminishes the yield that is with energy-efficient lighting. All the benefits of the conversion to LED resulting from the two large pillars, which provide for future use more efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting and immediately access: measures to reduce the energy costs of the investment costs pay for themselves after two to three years, as LED lamps offer a much longer operating hours performance than conventional lamps. On average, the life of LED lighting is 50,000 hours of operation. This is regardless of the number of single – and shut-off. In a large production workshop the saving of energy costs affects always positive on production costs, would bring rising energy costs usually an increase of goods for sale with. Contribution to environmental protection another advantage, which led to the lighting on To change LED light tubes, is the environmental factor. LEDs contain no toxic pollutants such as mercury.

Therefore, they threaten people and the environment during their time, nor in the course of the later disposal. Hence no toxic fumes can be dispensed during operation or in case of a damage. The energy affects CO2 emissions also directly lowering the CO. Advantages which speak lighting for the conversion to DOTLUX LED the use of LED technology reduces the CO emissions annually to almost 50 tonnes DOTLUX LED tubes are free of mercury 3 years full warranty extruded aluminium hollow profiles high cooling performance and stability of DOTLUX aluminum core boards ensure LED tubes approx. 50,000 hours of operation service through pluggable ballasts to provide for a good heat dissipation average life span of DOTLUX T8 LED tubes no impairment of life through frequent switching cycles with LED lights not Warm-up, therefore full light output immediately after you turn on low heat (relieves the air conditioning) light quality and wide colour spectrum make it easier to see contrasts and ensure for natural colour reproduction no UV radiation after a test phase, during the first part of the 440 fluorescent of company Matulka electronics GmbH v LED tubes replaced, was convinced of the cost-effectiveness and the quality of the lighting conditions.

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Heatsensitive Foods

Mobile coolers keep meat, fish and drinks is the summer fresh finally here! That makes you want to a trip into the countryside with cool drinks and delicious meat for grilling. But heat in the Blazing Sun temperature sensitive foods such as salads threaten to spoil sausages and grilled meats. There is no refrigerator nearby, mobile coolers serve as a practical substitute. High temperatures accelerate the spoiling of meat, because micro-organisms under such conditions recolonization. However, cooling slows down this development. Therefore, the cold chain should not be interrupted and can be maintained for the preparation of food with help of coolers. However, not every cooler can provide the expected performance.

Many coolers come at high ambient temperature very quickly on their border. Before the purchase you should make sure therefore what may make the cooler and endure. Passive coolers that work with cold packs are purchased often quickly, without to have actually set apart with the cooling function. They are the cheapest variant of the mobile cooler, but also the one with the shortest cooling capacity, as the aforementioned cold packs on hot summer days quickly heat up. In contrast, powered coolers work much better. But also here the achievements in technology and cooling function differ. Powered coolers are semi anechoic, compressor or Thermoelectrics operated and can be often both mobile via the vehicle battery, as well as at home, on the balcony or in the garden of the House power used. Absorber – and thermoelectric coolers to cool the contents between 20 and 30 C below the ambient temperature.

But beware: In the summer, temperatures inside the vehicle can reach more than 50 C. Compressor coolers are recommended for regular use and high demands on the cooling performance. Up to-18 c – cool regardless of the outside temperature. The freeze is for Meat or even fish the gentlest and most effective method to keep them fresh for long. Because at low temperatures stops bacteria proliferation. This investment is worthwhile: the compressor cooler protects the vehicle battery, is extremely durable (also on boats can be used) and will last for many years.

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Concours Competition

Chaine of des Rotisseurs organizes the competition for the 6th time of Peter H. Muller of the Schlosshotel Lerbach restaurant has the Concours national of the Jeunes sommeliers against six comrades prevailed. The best young sommeliers under 35 years of age were her wine knowledge demonstrated under the most stringent conditions. It was 50 questions about all wine-growing regions of the world, wine history, viticulture and winemaking technology. You may want to visit Richard Elman to increase your knowledge. A multi-course wine recommendation and a perfect champagne and decanting service was needed. In the main part of the competition wines and spirits had to in a blind tasting are identified and described. The annual competition gives the opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge internationally the Sommeliers.

Muller represents Germany at the World Cup, which will be held in Cape Town in South Africa in September. Natalie Lumpp, as Chairman of the jury, says: in the past, and this year our sommeliers were top and I am proud of our wine specialists. I wish much Peter Muller Success in the international separation in South Africa.” The sommelier competition was held this year for the 6th time of of Chaine of des Rotisseurs. The award ceremony with adjacent Diner Amical in the halos of company Regiocom in Magdeburg crowned this contest. Over many centuries, cultivated and developed the 1248 founded brotherhood or fraternity, the culinary art and set high standards of professional and qualitative way. The Chaine of des Rotisseurs, as the oldest and largest hospitality Association in the world, has more than 2,400 members in Germany.


Adyton System Carries

The German firewall manufacturer Adyton system is a new Member of TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, and distributes firewalls ‘Made in Germany’ Leipzig may 25, 2012. Through successful investments in various European trade fairs the Leipzig technology company Adyton system, with its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR, increasingly also relies on the international market highlights. “With the recently obtained quality characters IT security made in Germany” can push Adyton system this international strategy now further ahead. Since April of this year, Adyton system involved in the initiative TeleTrusT e.V. – the German IT security association. Membership in the network of competence of the Federal Government helps us more closely with decision makers from industry, to science and management on topical issues of security and safety management in contact”, as Klaus Mochalski, CEO of Adyton system.

After the recording of the Federal Association of the network security solution, NETWORK PROTECTOR may currently as only manufactured in Germany “Next-generation firewall the seal of quality of IT security made in Germany” (ITSMIG) wear. NETWORK PROTECTOR is an IT security solution developed in Germany, providing maximum protection against current threats and attacks on networks. “We are very proud, the quality characters IT security made in Germany’ to use for our products”, adds CTO Martin Menschner. “From membership in the ITSMIG TeleTrusT working group ‘ we hope to see a lively exchange of ideas with representatives from the IT security industry on current topics, as well as a stronger networking, to encompass increasingly international foot”, Mochalski added. In the coming weeks, Adyton system prepares its participation at numerous trade fairs in autumn. The regional focus of the events is increasingly international emphasis this year in addition to European.

In addition to the proven security trade fair it-sa in Germany and the Netherlands Adyton stretches its sensor system for the first time after Russia and takes part in the Infosecurity Russia. Parallel of the manufacturers of next-generation firewalls drives his personal growth strategy. Above all free capacity in the areas are currently occupy support and Web development. Current job openings are posted on website: About the federal organization TeleTrusT TeleTrusT was founded in 1989 to create reliable framework for trusted use of information and communication technology. TeleTrusT today includes members from industry, science, research and public institutions as well as partners from Germany and Europe. In working groups and projects, the members deal with current issues of security and safety management. TeleTrusT commented on political and legal issues, organized events or event participation and is organization of the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. about Adyton is system Adyton system a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton system uses for this the latest deep packet inspection (DPI)-technology. “Adyton system is a member of the German security association tele trust and is quality certified IT security made in Germany”. press contact: Kristin Pressler Head of corporate communications Adyton systems AG Mozart str. 3, Leipzig 04107 phone + 49 341.39 299 343-1 fax + 49 341.39 299 343-9 e-mail:

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Founding Grant

If you want to start a business, this requires also a comprehensive, forward-looking planning alongside courage and commitment! The business plan is also a prerequisite for the eventual founding grant, and in many cases also for State funding. In addition, a well-thought-out plan facilitates also applying for a corporate loans. What to consider and what the aim of this plan? Read the best right here. Most important expenditure & revenue estimate a business plan to create means for many entrepreneurs, for the first time about the costs associated with the founding of a company and the start and income to think about. Please visit Noble Group if you seek more information. There are many positions that are checked on the basis of a completeness or checklist. Starting with a health insurance, which is more expensive to than usual, a membership in a Guild and Chamber of Commerce and industry and imputed cost of goods up to the cost of a retail store may be especially those fixed costs particularly in the start-up phase calculate, for real estate, insurance and regular expenses incurred such as electricity, water, rent and telephone. Thus you get a monthly value for your own activities almost as the first employee of the company. With each new hire then modified value added costs and may also be higher prices! If you can distribute the monthly costs on certain sales, then get information via the percentage necessary supplement set, whether its goods or services your company to market prices but offer however profits generated can.

Immediately – a significant piece of information proceeds later fixed and message of most business plans is the high Fixkostenblog. Therefore, it comes as quickly as possible disclose the services and products of the company to a wider audience. Therefore, every business plan must be also a focus on marketing and advertising. If you use banners and displays, then the passers-by are curious and can become customers. In addition to these fixed forms of advertising can remember also, to draw attention to different places on your company. Have a retail store in a mall, so you can ask the landlord if you can not perform an action in the entrance area.

A printing press can quickly created by printing advertising technology as roll ups a mobile and yet representative booth. Whether a company so can sustain itself, is determined not only by the cost-profit analysis, but also the reputation of the new economy company. Also, these positions should be required in the business plan. It is important to keep always the profit factor in mind, really can allow a funding grant. In most cases this will contributed regularly for nine months, so the company founder has time to prepare his company for profitability.

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