Entrepreneurs: Common Business Mistakes

How to start your own business? This question baffles the majority of new entrepreneurs. And often the wrong answer leads to very serious consequences – from the endless search and omissions to the weighty debt and disappointments. Without doubt, the choice of business – business individual, responsible and often difficult. And so here are the major selection criteria for new entrepreneurs and their most frequent mistakes. The main thing that You will need when choosing ideas – it's common sense. Do not build castles in the clouds and not threatened to amusement parks, expensive restaurants, showrooms, etc. As long as you have no experience in business, you need the idea of a nice, simple, not requiring serious financial investment and profitable enough. This idea will protect you from financial risk and loss of time and effort to implement. Failure to meet these criteria and the invention of new leads to errors. Here are some examples some of them: 1. Manufacture a product – the most common mistake novice entrepreneur, requiring serious investment and carrying a high risk. Arguments on this issue looks like this: 'I'll do production of goods X. This is a very good / useful / relevant product and it will definitely be in high demand and with the sale will have no problems. In addition, to make the goods much cheaper than re-sell, because they do not have to spend time and money for the purchase and transportation. The only thing that will need – is to invest in production.


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