DVD Manufacturing And DVD Duplication

DVD production including DVD duplication in the DVD and-press plant and pressure (all inclusive actions) spring is here and brings fresh wind in the DVD manufacturing and DVD duplication. Know how and where. To counteract the ongoing economic crisis, DVD manufacturers concede now remarkable offers. This proves the following B2B action, but only companies from economic, trade, industrial, is reserved for film and entertainment. You may wish to learn more. If so, JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the place to go. All inclusive. In the package currently on CD-DVD-BLU-RAY-DISC.com includes now already actually, need company from economy, trade, industry, film and entertainment from the movie tape up to the finished DVD in the store shelf or to the high-quality presentation etc.

Starting with the film tape, video and audio “Encoding”, the DVD DVD design programming, the scripts, DVD authoring, DVD mastering and the pre mastering to DVD pressing, as well as the creation of the final DVD printed materials and the final packaging… 1.0 digital tape and Processing storage and use of broadcast hardware and software Videoencoding your master tape (PAL / SD, DV and Digital BetCam) video and audio conversion (MPEG2 / Dolby Digital) 1.1 authoring, design, programming, mastering provision and use of broadcast hardware and software… Sequence: auto-start feature rights note with professional speaker (demo video) a video track in addition to an audio track (Dolby Digital) programming / scripting: autostart programming video/audio with final looping or stop function optimization of the player-specific breaking optimization of layer breaks (in accordance with current specifications) definition and check the country codes (regional codes) Premastering: multiplexing in accordance with the current specifications formatting in DDP 2.0 format output & compare playback on DVD-R (if necessary on double-layer disc) build and deploy a decrease DVD 2.0 pressure, Printing, packing and delivery is even already included… Creation of the / the glass master DVD duplication in the press shop DVD license tax Labelprint: Photorealistic printing up to 4 colored euroscale incl. white as 5 color label finishing with high-gloss lacquer Coverprint: 4/0 offset printing packaging in an Amaray-like box (black) Cellophaning of box packaging on euro pallet delivery: free House to a delivery address in Germany all inclusive for 0.69 Euro per piece * CD-DVD-BLU-RAY-DISC.com published media-oriented information, tips and industry-relevant offers DVD production, DVD production and DVD duplication, as well as all digital media such as DVD, Blu-ray disc and co.


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