Concours Competition

Chaine of des Rotisseurs organizes the competition for the 6th time of Peter H. Muller of the Schlosshotel Lerbach restaurant has the Concours national of the Jeunes sommeliers against six comrades prevailed. The best young sommeliers under 35 years of age were her wine knowledge demonstrated under the most stringent conditions. It was 50 questions about all wine-growing regions of the world, wine history, viticulture and winemaking technology. You may want to visit Richard Elman to increase your knowledge. A multi-course wine recommendation and a perfect champagne and decanting service was needed. In the main part of the competition wines and spirits had to in a blind tasting are identified and described. The annual competition gives the opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge internationally the Sommeliers.

Muller represents Germany at the World Cup, which will be held in Cape Town in South Africa in September. Natalie Lumpp, as Chairman of the jury, says: in the past, and this year our sommeliers were top and I am proud of our wine specialists. I wish much Peter Muller Success in the international separation in South Africa.” The sommelier competition was held this year for the 6th time of of Chaine of des Rotisseurs. The award ceremony with adjacent Diner Amical in the halos of company Regiocom in Magdeburg crowned this contest. Over many centuries, cultivated and developed the 1248 founded brotherhood or fraternity, the culinary art and set high standards of professional and qualitative way. The Chaine of des Rotisseurs, as the oldest and largest hospitality Association in the world, has more than 2,400 members in Germany.


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