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According to the Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez. It assures that Spain has " an economy cclica". Between the months of September and December unemployment will raise. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, has assured that " most probably " unemployment will raise in the next months because Spain has " an economy cclica" , that does that in the months that they go of September to December raises unemployment. In previous declarations to the celebration in Toledo of a centered round table in Wages, productivity and collective negotiation, the Secretary of State described as one " great tontera" the declarations of the one of the vice-secretary of Communication of the PP, Esteban Gonzlez Pons, assured in them that the PP aspired to create 3.5 million jobs in the next Legislature. As far as the labor market, Mari Light Rodriguez indicated that there has been an important slope in the affiliation to the Social Security in the sector of the Education, reason why has warned that the policies developed by the governments of the PP in the independent communities " yes they can have influence in the use ". As far as cuts anticipated by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, the Secretary of State has indicated that when the Administration stops making sanitary investments in social policy, education and policies, " low the quality of life of ciudadanos" , reason why " not recortar&quot can; in these three scopes.

The loss of investments in these policies can take in addition, according to the Secretary of State, to the loss of jobs by not " inyectar" bottoms and not to engage workers for the execution of these policies. In addition, the exconsejera of Use of Castilla-La Mancha has criticized " passivity pasmosa" in matter use of the regional president, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, by still not to have named the Secretariat General on watch Public of autonomic Use (SEPECAM). Situations of inequality To this round table also have attended the secretary of Action filed by labor union of the UGT, Toni Ferrer, that in relation to Cut plan of Cospedal has indicated insured who the social cuts can derive in " inequality situations in which ample sectors of the population can fall in the social exclusion and pobreza". For this reason, according to Ferrer, to say that the policy of Cospedal is going to create job " it is like saying that food without having ingredientes&quot can be done;. Against this type of policies, the secretary of Action filed by labor union has indicated the one necessity " reconstruction fiscal" of global character in Spain where the high rents and the rents of the capital pay what it corresponds to them. Source of the news: The Government admits that unemployment will raise in the next months


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