Conclusions Free Service

They are quite it is logical to believe and even bet on the fact that you will fall for the bait, choosing one of premium services (they are in the majority of providers), when your site will exceed the limit on the volume of resource or site on the disk. Of course, you are guaranteed a free start, but when you consider that the cost of resources allocated to you does not reach the $ 1 a month, it's not so much the more so that tech support on which you have every right, available to you in a limited volume. What is the benefit in this case she receives a hosting company? And she gets the fame, because he created the brand appears in a great number of directories on a free hosting service providers. The address of your site worth its name – it also promotes the brand. If the company offers more or less reasonable service, it provides a good reputation.

All this together makes it possible to attract new clients and, therefore, leads to business expansion. Conclusions Free hosting in practice is far from free, at least in the form in which it exists today. Find web hosting providers that do not interested in the commercial side of things, nearly impossible. The provider must have for a stable source of funding. All providers must pay for the servers, access channels and facilities maintenance personnel. If they do not have a clear plan for recovery of costs, their future is in pretty bad light, and the quality of their services will be reduced in proportion to the fall of profit. If you do not want to pay for hosting the best way for you to enter into an exchange deal with a reliable and reputable service provider.

And never let yourself carry away the idea that you are getting something for nothing. Advertising – is also a form of payment, the question is, is it worth it that the paid hosting providers are asked for their commercial services. Today, it is not a problem to find a host with a high level of service from 100 rubles. per month. In this case, the extra challenges of free hosting sites, which have been described above!


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