When The Zucchini Is Soft?

Students discover 17 Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes on texture analysis independently with Zwick testing machine which offers higher education in the faculties of engineering, business and computer sciences and life sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen. In the Faculty of life sciences, there are the programs of facility management, pharmaceutical engineering, biomedical engineering, facility design and management, as well as food, nutrition & hygiene degree BSc. LEH. In research and industry, sensory food checks that are always subjective influences, be replaced increasingly by text urpruefungen on the machine. The result is objective, reproducible results with relatively little effort. Also, essential process characteristics can be determined through text urpruefungen.

For example, it is possible to calculate a processing plant in the start-up and continuous operation services and to interpret the plants affiliated measurements on the machine. All of these checks are performed with testing machines, with different Equipped with test tools and software. Practical detecting texture of foods and their raw materials is essential in the study of food, nutrition & hygiene. Students are given insight into the behavior of foods during production, maturing, refining and process-technical processing here. So that knowledge of these characteristics can be developed quickly and memorably, students must independently as possible set up the testing equipment and carry out their experiments.

Easy secure testing tools and a clear software are required. In addition, the target of an attempt to determine the desired measurements, must be reached quickly and without complex preparatory work. Based on expert advice, and proximity to the engine manufacturer, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University opted for Zwick as suppliers for a new machine, which the students should carry out their experiments. This decision has paid off. Modularity and easy Handling of test tools make easy and secure the control of the testing machine (type ProLine Z0. 5). The test software testXpert allows it, to give predefined results either as final results to define, or to combine them in simple steps and new results. So the opportunity to students to build the required tests quickly and safely using the latest technology, making, and discuss. One example of many is the determination of the texture of Zucchini: although it is everyone familiar with that the vegetables with progressive cooking time becomes softer; measured and quantified shows lens that unprocessed, 4 min. cooking time at approximately the factor 10 of the maximum strength and the required penetration work between at 100 C and 4 min cooking time in the pressure cooker. Such knowledge helps tremendously during further processing of food of all kinds.

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