Samsung Cartridge

Often, owners of copier and printing equipment izvesno that it is possible to refill cartridges. Filling – an action that requires certain skills and equipment designed for this purpose. First, the cartridge is fully dismantled, being careful not to compromise the integrity of the body. Prohibited from any damage. Closed cracks, scratches or openings on the cartridge – a consequence of ticky-tacky dressing. Then, a hopper and purged with details using a special vacuum cleaner from the remnants of the powder and then blow the place to use the contents of the paint. No need to allow the use of new powder and laugh, it could lead to a change of heating temperature, which in turn may damage the printer.

All the elements are lubricated with appropriate lubricants, sleep quality powder that is required just for the brand printer ink cartridge and then collected and checked. On many models of Samsung and Lexmark cartridges are present in the chips as the protection of recharge. They can be designed to convert this equipment. Normal cartridge withstands multiple refills ink. Why so? Cartridge – not only tank the powder, but also a mechanism consisting of different operating units, which are subject to wear. As a result – is clearly deteriorating quality of the printer, the gaps begin to appear in print, stripes toner, etc. Up to the lack of press. However, this does not mean that it should be immediately discarded.

Most often, it can still be repaired. Cartridge for copying and printing equipment consists of three main parts: BPI, toner and housing. Restoration of the cartridge – it is essentially non-working replacement cartridge parts that make up the BPI: magnetic roller, wiper blade, drum and felt seals. Usually requires only replacement of the drum, because it is very highly susceptible. Often he has a reserve of 3-5 times the stock of toner. Nizkoprobnaya paper, as well as small items falling significantly reduce the life of the drum,. Raquel – a plate, cleaning unused powder from the surface of the drum. This detail may eventually come loose or inadvertently damaged by fallen into the printer with small objects. And when worn wiper blade, a toner after one cycle of the press, may residues on Drums. In some models, ink cartridges (XEROX, Epson) is not established even a squeegee, and cleaning function fotovala perform other sites. The task of the PCR – to put on fotoval, after the cycle, a negative charge. This is done to clean the barrel from the use of powder, as well as the residual charge is removed from the previous cycle of the press. This part is very rarely fails, but nevertheless it needs constant cleaning of paper dust and waste powder. Magnetic shaft – detail, charging the toner to transfer it to fotoval. Subject to significant wear and tear when used in low-quality powder, as well as tsarapaetsya involuntarily damaged doctor blade. Doctor blade controls the amount of powder distributed on the magnetic axis. When it wears out, the number is uneven, which may prizvesti poor print quality, as well you may get a variety of artifacts. Gap at the junction of various parts and components of the cartridge covered with special seals. Wear these seals can lead to precipitation of the toner, as well as falling into different compartments cartridge, print quality or wear of the block image transfer. At John Utendahl you will find additional information. Almost all of the details are not difficult to replace and return the cartridge back to life.

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