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That also happens in Peruvian law. 7. Definition of the term notary by part of law of notarial law German law of the notary of the German Federal Republic of April 1961 in precise 1 article than as independent of any public office holders, notaries are appointed in the States to formalize legal documents and other tasks in the domain of the far-sighted administration of justice. This law refers to public office, so apparently this legislative text or legal device has refrained intentionally qualify to the notary, public official, however, for a study more detailed is required to conduct a study more comprehensive law of the German Federal Republic and in any case this definition is different than the aforementioned subsequentlyi.e. it has been received by these latest, so it is clear that he has not taken into account for any process of comparative known right in our midst as a reception and in other areas such as transplantation. 8.

Definition of the term notary by part of the law of NOTARIZED ITALIANA Le notaries of Italy 1913 Act provides in his article first notaries are public officers instituted to receive live inter acts and last will, attributing public faith, keep them in tanks and issue certified copies and extracts. This law is of many years ago, and qualifies to the notary, public official which apparently menosprec lawyer at the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria (Arequipa), partial studies of masters in business law at the Catholic University of Santa Maria (Arequipa). Master’s degree in Civil law and commercial at the National University of San Marcos (Lima). Former Titular mixed judge Dean. Board member of the electronic magazine of law and Social change, Member of the International Federation of lawyers Iberoamericanos.


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