Michael Sirotkin

Here we first breathed the air of a real adult life, there appeared a love that was destined to remain with us forever, here built the first plans for life. These plans then seemed to us to be something quite incredible. We will certainly and one-bedroom condo, and "Lada" new model, and maybe "Volga", giving a good location, TV, refrigerator, imported headsets. John Utendahl: the source for more info. What am I talking about, when our house is the room where you will see everything with my own eyes. Pry, of course, is not good, but I think the residents of this cozy corner of the living forgive us for this, in fact, innocent prank. Please, friends! (Presenter brings guests to the "dorm room"). "The room in the hostel" was based on the bedroom suite.

Near the bed stood a great way to two modest, under the form obschazhnyh, chair, corresponding table, the table the old books and textbooks. In the process of playing the scenes the actors move from chairs and tables, as a symbol of the last good obschazhnoy life, dear bedroom suites, as a symbol of life today, prosperous and better. Narrator: "What do we see? The young but already quite a good citizen, Michael Sirotkin. Twenty years is almost an engineer, he went on for two months to work for the country as part of the student stroyotryada. For Misha this is a very serious step, after all, the first long trip abroad (short pause) – for the border region, Sverdlovsk. And, as any knight who goes on a long hike, it should bless the beautiful lady. Lena Genova eighteen, who had just knocked eighteen, and she thought of "this" (the tone of significant) age it is time to think about life.


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