Lumilove Penguin

However, the sensational long operating life is new: when battery is fully charged, the Super Nomad donates a soft light for 200 hours! This is unique and makes it the ideal travel companion. The new night light also has a micro-USB access, so that it can be recharged like a Smartphone or also comfortably on the laptop. In addition, an LCD screen is integrated, which responds to movements and indicates the battery charge status. Thanks to a light-sensitive sensor, the Super Nomad there in purple, blue and beige, can adapt in two stages of the brightness of its surroundings. State of the art LED technology prevents heating and guarantees a particularly low energy consumption, long life. The Super Nomad is suitable for children from birth. The Super Nomad du awarded the French design label Observeur Design”.

The Lumilove Penguin at day and night a good friend of children love penguins, and they will close the cute Lumilove Penguin Pabobo right in her heart. His friendly face, its soft, rounded shape and soft color, no child can resist. He accompanied it throughout the day and not only makes it even at night. The cuddly buddy has many Loaded benefits: Once on its charging station, he spread a soft light for eleven hours, without that must be recharged occasionally. As soon as one takes him from his base, he begins to glow. An additional button to the switching on and off is located on the bottom of the figure. Keeping it pressed, the character plays a friendly tune. The pretty music maintains the little 15 minutes before she goes out automatically.

And all without wires or batteries! Thanks to the used LEDs the Lumilove Penguin is not hot and can therefore safely with crawling under the covers. So children don’t have to disclaim even in dreams on her best friend. Suitable for children from birth.

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