Dien Body

Practical lips, mucous, eyebrows hair hair, eye-line, small tattoos. Theory of the color and mixtures. Course of Carved Nails the technique of the carved one of nails acrylics also called porcelain nails gel and puntas" , it allows to mold on the own nail another one to taste of the so pretty, perfect user and heals like the natural nails. The education of porcelain, gel is distributed and French manicure. Course Ayurveda (Ayur = life.

Prohibition = knowledge) Ayurveda takes a holistic vision from the health, that the man is part of the universe and is compound of the same elements, this is: earth, air, water and fire. It is determined to the skin like " secondly cerebro" , it receives sensations and it express what we felt. The objective of the course is in harmonizing our body through diagnosis (prakriti) the fisionoma (doshas), the breathing (pranayana) and the massage manual and massage shiro dhara with a special earthen bowl and essential oils. Course Dien-Chan and Chakras With this course secures the best form to diagnose and to treat our clients. Dien-chan defines a network of multirreflexologas in our body and face. Face Dien-chan: the face is considered like the place of information and control of all the operation of the body. Each reflected point when stimulating it is a emitting-receiving towards the corresponding organ, securing to relaxation and well-being.

Chakras or wheels is power centers of the human body, chakras are seven main and correspond with acupuncture points and they are associated to some of the endocrine glands within physical body that when dealing them with essential oils, semiprecious stones and massage we secured to harmony and physical and mental well-being. The diagnosis form radioestesia (pendulum). Bioenergtico course (Technical Multisensorial) the vital energy is the force that gives life to the human being, when this flow of energy circulates freely around the body and the individual stays in balance enjoys good physical health and mental thus its skin is in perfect state. The professional of the aesthetic one works with the package of the physical body (skin) and is in him where the authentic voice of the organism hides. Stimulating the five senses by means of essential oils, semiprecious music, stones and light, we obtained a power balance that it is translated in health and well-being. For more information, management of interviews or shipment of graphical material you do not doubt in contacting with our Cabinet of Press. Mirian Lopez Crowned Nuria tel 91 657 42 81/667 022 566


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